Title: General Midi + Mt 32 setups for Games
Filename: utils/misc/setups.zip
Size: 13.29 KB
Date: 09/05/94
Author: Marco Melgazzi
Description: I hope these two files will be useful to you: they contain two setups for the Roland D series of keyboards ( D5 (tested) D10-D20-D110 (not tested but should work)): a General MIDI se- tup and a MT-32 setup.
All the work was done using the Excellent EXPLORER 32 from C-Labs on the Atari ST ( if somebody know the e-mail address of C-LABS PLEASE send it to me... the editor has a little bug and I would like to know if they released patches etc.) which allowed me to sort the timbres and to easily make new sounds when needed.
These setups are never so accurate since I'm not really good at creating sounds and since some sounds just can't be created ( say 'applause' or 'gun shot' or 'helicopter', the sounds included are very rough approximations...).
To load these setups simply play them with a midi file player
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