Title: Trench
Filename: utils/misc/trench.zip
Size: 70.96 KB
Date: 05/23/96
Description: Trench is NOT a gaming level - it is basically a utility level. Purpose: to help wad authors determine if the player will be able to make a jump or not. I often see this kind of request on RGCDE.

Switch with red arrow will lower the opposite side of trench all way down.
Switch with green arrow will raise it in increments of 32. Thus, one may vary the difference of jumping height. The texture used allows to determine quickly the height difference. Total depth is 512, each square is 64.
Trench width changes in 32-point increments, from 32 to 512. Again, floor texture allows easily to determine the width used.
To facilitate more accurate jumping, guiding 'rails' are provided. The runway length is also easily determined using floor texture.
For your convenience, a teleporter is placed in the trench corner for easy exit.

Oh, and if you get sick of jumping, go and slug it out with a cyber!
Hope that you'll find this wad helpful.
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On the one hand this is a completely pointless waste of space, but on the other hand it is very beautiful. Not visually beautiful - there is a prominent missing texture, and the wallpaper is childish - but beautiful in a more spiritual sense. It doesn't work, even as a utility (the rails make it hard to strafejump, a technique the author might not have expected), and the cyber fight is dull, but its haunting atmosphere will stay with me forever.x

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