Title: Unpause
Filename: utils/misc/unpause.zip
Size: 20.53 KB
Date: 07/23/95
Author: Owen Williams
Description: Annoyed when you're playing an awesome doom game, and you have to pause? You wish you didn't have to wait forever while it says PAUSE so the lmp can get on with it? NO MORE! Yes, with this 100 line program, you can eliminate _all_ of the pauses in your favorite doom lmps, and not screw up the synchronization! whoo hoo! It even works with your multiplayer demos!

Requires at _least_ doom 1.5, but if you're still at 1.2, you _really_ need to upgrade!

"Well Owen," you ask, "how does this wonderful product work?" Piece o' cake! It rips out all the time in the pause down to the few game tics it needs to keep the game in sync!
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This is a good example of a file that will remain in the archive until the end of time, but will never ever be downloaded ever - except for just now, when you just downloaded it yourself. A hundred years from now, the internet in its present form will be like this; a giant archive of obsolete things that no-one ever downloads, but no-one wants to delete.x

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