Title: iFrag Version 2.2
Filename: utils/network/ifrag221.zip
Size: 117.78 KB
Date: 12/20/95
Author: Scott Coleman and Jay Cotton
Description: iFrag is a program which allows people to play DOOM, DOOM II, and Heretic against others across the Internet. As distributed by id, DOOM-engine games come with drivers for serial connections (using modems and direct serial cables) as well as networks running the IPX protocol. This is enough if you have a fast modem (and enough money to pay the phone and/or DWANGO bills!) or if you happen to have 4 Pentium-based PCs in your basement rec room connected by a Novell network. However, what do you do if you're a poor college student? What do you do if the only PC to which you have access is sitting in your school's computer lab and is running the TCP/IP protocol suite? What do you do if you are the only person in your office who likes to play DOOM? Enter iFrag, a TCP/IP network driver for DOOM-engine games. Not only will it allow you to play network DOOM across the Internet, but since there are so many other players also connected to the 'net, you can easily find opponents practically any time of the day or night.
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Awesome utility. The precursor to Kali! You will need a packet driver and have to host a server with the -server parameter since the trackers no longer exist. Quick setup and works with Heretic and Hexen.x

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