Title: CTFDoom's IPXSETUP utility
Filename: utils/network/ipxdoom.zip
Size: 16.17 KB
Date: 07/08/03
Author: John Cole
Description: A source modification of id Software's IPXSETUP that allows you to select the name of the game EXE the utility will run as well as what machine will use what player color. The first feature is quite useful for using DeHackEd modified EXEs on multi-player mode without having to rename the EXE to a standard name (either doom or doom2) and the second is useful for switching Player colors during DM or Coop, given the fact that the different Players "lag" differently. This utility was originally part of one of the CTFDoom distribution packages.
Credits: id Software, Laura "Bahdko" Hermann for making me aware of this IPXSETUP mod. Check out her DOOM site: http://www.doom2.net/.
Base: d on DOSDoom.
Build time: ?
Editor(s) used: ?
Bugs: None.
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