Title: KILLDOOM - Kills NetDoom players
Filename: utils/network/killdoom.zip
Size: 14.54 KB
Date: 07/28/96
Author: Jonny
Description: Here is the first release of KillDoom. It's meant to be used by network supervisors who want to definitelly stop NetDoom playing in their networks.

One can kill DOS/IPX NetDoom players anywhere in a network connected by IPX routers. Just run KILLDOOM with the network address as parameter and DOOM(tm) and DOOM II(tm) network players will crash. If you want to be more drastic, run KILLDOOM BROADCAST, and it will kill NetDoom players everywhere they can be found; just be careful with the BROADCAST option because it can really flood your network.

I'd like to say that I also do like to play NetDoom. It's surely the best game ever made in the world until 1994. But this hobby must not interfere in anyone's work, during business hours.
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Bugs: - Works only in Ethernet. ArcNet, FDDI, Token Ring, etc. are still not supported. I've done this to learn how IPX and Packet Drivers work. Maybe, if I can find a Public Domain IPX API I can port it to all other network architectures.

- For the previous reason, it also works only in Ethernet_II frame networks. Sorry all other folks, but we've been recommending this instead of any other frame for a long time. If you don't want to use Ethernet_II in your stations, but still want to use KILLDOOM, add an Ethernet_II network in your server, just to route to the destination.
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Great old utilityx
Fuck that lol.x
What a horrible spiteful bastard. I bet he liked telling others what they should eat for lunch in the workplace too.x
LOL, this seems to be intended to stop people from Dooming at work. Blasphemy! (but really, this gets 2 stars just for the laugh)x

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