Title: IPXSETUP (Master/Slave)
Filename: utils/network/master.zip
Size: 31.3 KB
Date: 12/30/95
Author: Micah Nutt
Description: In order to make network play of DOOM easier to start, I have modified the IPXSETUP source code. One of the problems often times encountered whilst initiating network play is that one (or more) of the nodes has not been passed the proper command line arguments; and, therefor, one (or more) of the nodes is knocked out of the game immediately and then, of course, everyone needs to rerun IPXSETUP. Basically what I have done is allowed for a "master" and "slave" relationship between the network nodes. One player declares themself the "master" and the other players are "slaves" at startup. The "master's" command line arguments are passed along to all the slaves; in this way, all the nodes invoke DOOM with the same command line arguments.
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We used this ipxsetup replacement for years. It made network play significantly easier. No more conflicting parameters from individual players.x

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