Title: oldipx.zip
Filename: utils/network/oldipx.zip
Size: 303.55 KB
Date: 04/24/94
Author: Steve Bonds
E-mail: sbonds@jarthur.claremont.edu
Description: These are some files which may be useful in getting DOOM running over a TCP/IP network. Included are an older version of a 3Com Etherlink III packet driver from 3Com, which I have found to be more reliable than the newer version from the Crynwr collection. Also included is an older version of the Crynwr collection, which includes a number of useful utilities that were taken out of the newer version. (Strangely, though, these older utilities were included in the documentation of the new version!) I have also found an old version of an IPX-to-PD converter which seems to run much better with DOOM than the new version by Intel.
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