Title: DOOMSWAP v1.3
Filename: utils/randomizers/dmswap13.zip
Size: 45.44 KB
Date: 07/11/94
Author: Jerry H.
Description: This is v1.3 of a little program I wrote for DOOM 1.2 It will take your doom wad and change a few things. Make sure you have a backup copy of your DOOM.WAD. Put DOOMSWAP in the same directory as your DOOM.WAD and run DOOMSWAP. Doomswap will allow you to select up to 40 of the things in DOOM and make them something else in the list. You can select 1 map of any game or the complete set of maps on any game or all maps on all three games. It can make all weapons and ammo that are not shotguns and shells and make them shotguns and shells. All blue bottles can be sargents, all armor bonus can be medikits or stimpacks. This does not move anything or randomize it, it will do the exact same thing to every DOOM.WAD so it makes a good deathmatch system. When you go to change your DOOM.WAD you can also choose to make all the other things on the games or levels you selected, into barrels. The other things are lamps, dead monsters, pools of blood, trees, stumps,etc. Once they are barrels, you can reedit the levels and turn the barrels in to anything you want. Turning all monsters to sargents and all extra things to barrels and then into sargents, can get very crowded in the game.:-)
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