Title: SLIGE Build 485 Command Line Parameters
Filename: utils/randomizers/sligeclp.zip
Size: 1.62 KB
Date: 11/29/05
Author: Rich „Weeds„ Nagel
Description: Here is a complete alphabetized list of all of the command line parameters for SLIGE Build 485 (http://www.doomworld.com/slige). I have been meaning to compile this list for quite some time now, as I really DETEST how jumbled up that Slige's readme file is.

FYI, some of these are not even documented in Slige's readme file, but are actually valid command line parameters that are contained in the source code (as well as the compiled Slige.exe). 'Nuther words, this document lists *ALL* of 'em -:)
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The best random map generator before Oblige came out, it creates interesting and challenging levels but they are not high quality. But a great and historical application.x
I always new it since I used it extensively until I found its successor: Oblige - http://oblige.source forge.net , a new version is in the works for a while now but version 2 of it will do for now.x
Useful. I bet you didn't know SLIGE had all of these options.x

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