Title: Autosave
Filename: utils/save_edit/autosave.zip
Size: 3.39 KB
Date: 04/18/11
Author: Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)
Description: Just a little utility wad that autosaves after any interval you want.
Credits: Randy Heit (for ZDoom).

Graf Zahl (for GZDoom).

The creators of all the editors I used to make this happen. The creators of all the resources I used to make this happen.
Base: Years of frustration caused by forgetting to save game :p
Build time: 1 hour or so probably.
Editor(s) used: SLumpEd, ACC
Bugs: Larger maps will get their framerate stopped briefly during the autosave (the equivalent of a lag spike).
Rating: (14 votes)
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