Title: CHGDSG 1.1
Filename: utils/save_edit/chgdsg11.zip
Size: 14.94 KB
Date: 07/29/97
Author: Torben Giesselmann
Description: CHanGeDSG allows you to modify your DOOM executive file (normally DOOM.EXE or DOOM2.EXE) so that it will be using other DSG files than DOOMSAV?.DSG.

This is very useful if you have several different PWADs or EXE patches and you saved your games in PWAD maps. Normally, DOOM will crash when loading a wrong savegame (requiring a PWAD).

CHGDSG 1.1 will solve your problems: Just copy your DOOM.EXE / DOOM2.EXE and modify the copy with CHGDSG! Every copy will now use its own DSG files while DOOM.EXE / DOOM2.EXE still loads the standard DOOMSAV?.DSG files. No more confusion, no more crashing ... :-)
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