Title: dm2edit.zip
Filename: utils/save_edit/dm2edit.zip
Size: 473.83 KB
Date: 08/14/95
Author: Glen Johnson
Description: This program will edit Doom II savegames for weapons, ammo and keys to maximum values. You can also select God Mode and Full Area Map. The program will edit single and 2 player savegames. If a 2 player game is detected, both players will be edited with the same selections. The only reason I didn't provide for 3 and 4 player savegames, is that I don't have access to a Network in order to determine file locations for the remaining 2 player options. If anyone can E-mail me "clean" (no cheat codes edited) 3 and 4 player savegames, I will incorporate them into the program. I also found that when I attempted to edit the other artifacts, the savegames would error.
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