Title: heredit.zip
Filename: utils/save_edit/heredit.zip
Size: 473.07 KB
Date: 08/13/95
Author: Glen Johnson
Description: This program will edit HERETIC savegames for weapons, ammo and keys to maximum values. You can also select God Mode and Full Area Map. The program will edit single and 2 player savegames. If a 2 player game is detected, both players will be edited with the same selections. The only reason I didn't provide for 3 and 4 player savegames, is that I don't have access to a Network in order to determine file locations for the remaining 2 player options. If anyone can E-mail me "clean" (no cheat codes edited) 3 and 4 player savegames, I will incorporate them into the program. I also found that when I attempted to edit the other artifacts, the savegames would error.
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