Title: LMP CoUNTeR VeRsioN 1.0
Filename: utils/save_edit/lmpcount.zip
Size: 13.49 KB
Date: 12/03/97
Author: Jeannot Langlois
Description: You're playing a DOOM deathmatch against your friend. This time, you're really going to kick him for good. This is the first time you have the chance to do it. Your score looks something like 25 to 25, and you're very happy about the fact that you're just about to find your weaponless friend. You're also glad to have had the idea of recording a demo, which will allow you demonstrate, in the near future, that you're able to kick that DOOM god.

But as you locate your ennemy's precise location and start shooting at him, DOOM crashes back to DOS! It indicates "Demo kickfrag.LMP recorded".

"Damn, why did this happened?! I was just going to get hold on him! Why?!? Oh, yeah... eheh... I did not put a large demo buffer! But how could I know that this was not big enough????", you think to yourself.

Some moments after, the phone rings. Probably your friend calling to personnally congratulate you on a great mistake...

But now, using LMP Counter, this will not occur anymore! LMP Counter will allow you to calculate how much kilobytes (KB) are required to be used to get a specific amount of gameplay time! All this, only relating to the number of players! And more good news, this works with all the alone, cooperative, deathmatch and deathmatch 2.0 play modes! Imagine how this little utility could be useful when planning to record a network demo (which tend to grow large very rapidly!)

Get LMP Counter now! :-)
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Bugs: Only one known bug exists in LMP Counter, but you're able to avoid it: when asked for the number of players, it is possible to enter other values than 1, 2, 3 or 4. I know this is easy to correct, but I'm much too new to Turbo C++ to correct it. In some occasions, entering player numbers greater than 4 in the number of players field will cause erratic calculations or fictive results. But this should not cause any problems: No one should have to calculate demos using more than 4 players since DOOM and DOOM ][ have a maximum of 4 players. Sorry for this little avoidable bug :-).
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