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APCiDOOM v5.6 is a freeware utility for DOOM or DOOM II. It is the client software that allows high-speed modem users to play FOUR PLAYER true network modem DOOM via the APCi MultiPlayer Game Server. It features a chat utility that enables p...Date:07/06/95
Size:476.95 KB
Author:Applied Personal Computing, Inc.

APCiHERETIC is a freeware utility for Heretic and Hexen. It is the client software that allows high-speed modem users to play Heretic and Hexen via the APCi MultiPlayer Game Server(tm). It features a chat utility that enables players to chat...Date:12/11/95
Size:603.35 KB
Author:Applied Personal Computing, Inc.

BNUDM version 1.2.6
a replacement sersetup.exe file (the DOOM serial driver) for DOOM....Date:04/18/94
Size:28.7 KB
Author:David L Nugent
This is a simple, easy to use, COM port setup program for DOS. Type <comsw h> for help....Date:04/17/94
Size:5.99 KB

Shortly, makes Dwango step into the next generation of FUN. NOTE : if you don't have Dwango access, no problem. It supports modem-to-modem and single player modes as well....Date:07/16/95
Size:100.26 KB
Author:777 corporation

Dwango Extender Shareware Update
Because of some people complaining that they're tired of hearing Arnie's voice every time, I made this update. Unzip it to directory where DES200 is installed. Now you can shut up Arnold by typing NOINTRO at the DOS prompt. Let him talk by ty...Date:07/17/95
Size:8.54 KB
Author:777 corporation

DOOM 2: Modem/Serial Link Cheat
This cheat will modify doom2.exe file and change all the health bonuses in to game to 1008% health. So your deathmatch pardner wont be able to tell if you are cheating or see something fishy going on!...Date:01/30/95
Size:5.69 KB

DeathManager Auxiliar v1.1
DeathManager Auxiliar (DMAUX.EXE) is a auxiliar program to DeathManager (DM.EXE). DeathManager is an easy-to-use interface that replaces the hassle of typing command-line parameters to SERSETUP.EXE and IPXSETUP.EXE. DeathManager comes with the Sha...Date:10/05/98
Size:13.08 KB
Author:Rafael Jorge Csura Szendrodi
This archive contains information about how to get serial (modem and nul-modem) connections between two computers for the purpose of playing multiplayer DOOM (which is a mighty good thing to do!:) You do NOT really need this file if you have ...Date:07/11/94
Size:59.5 KB
Author:Tony Nugent

Doom Sign Up Version 1.0
Doom lovers can now use their local BBSs to find interested players for modem Doom. This door file req's a BBS that supports the DORINFOX.DEF drop file....Date:12/28/94
Size:63.56 KB
Author:Chris Anderson

Replacement sersetup.exe for Doom 1.2
This is a hack of id's serial device driver. It allows arbitrary baudrate, hardware handshaking, and arbitrary irq. This will allow you to run your V32bis modem at higher than 9600 baud. Also, some problems with dialing and answering the modem hav...Date:04/24/94
Size:15.05 KB
Author:Tony da Costa

DOOMLoad v2.01 Alpha
DOOMLOAD is intended to be run instead of the SETUP program should you wish to play multi-player or even single player games. For that matter, run this program instead of DOOM and SETUP. DOOMLOAD is intended to make setting up multi-player ga...Date:04/24/94
Size:126.18 KB
Author:Christian Antkow

Parallel link driver for DOOM
Emulates network over a parallel link....Date:09/12/94
Size:51.57 KB

DOOM Serial Connection Manager v1.06b
DOOM Serial Connection Manager is an alternative to using SETUP.EXE or Command Line Parameters to set up Serial Connections. It allows you to change more options than SETUP lets you do. It also allows you to have up to twenty different configuratio...Date:05/12/94
Size:11.77 KB
This is a hack of id's serial device driver. It allows arbitrary baudrate, hardware handshaking, arbitrary irq, and arbitrary port addresses. This will allow you to run your V32bis modem at higher than 9600 baud. Also, some problems with dialing a...Date:04/24/94
Size:25.71 KB
Author:Tony da Costa

DWANGO v2.0 - The DOOM Wide-Area Network Game Organization!
DWANGO is a revolutionary, new way to play games. It's all about networking and playing other people all around the world, no matter where they are. You can chat with each other, create teams, join teams and jump into any DOOM, DOOM2 or HERETIC w...Date:06/09/95
Size:74.35 KB
Author:IVS Corporation

HX8 allows you to play Hexen, Doom or related games with up to 8 players together, and this over standard null-modem or modem links. Thanks to in-the-fly compression, it doesn't require much bandwidth (see below). It has been successfully tes...Date:08/20/96
Size:16.4 KB
Author:Armin Rigo

IHHD dialer software
Size:56.82 KB

JEESETUP is a drop in replacement for DOOM, DOOM II, and HERETIC serial driver. The driver supports the Hayes ESP2, 16550, and 8250. I tested the driver with DOOM versions 1.2, 1.666, DOOM II versions 1.666, 1.7a, and HERETIC 1.0 at baud...Date:02/20/95
Size:21.53 KB
Author:John Ericson

JServe02.Exe - Ver 0.2 (BETA)
JServe is a serial driver written specifically for the purpose of playing multi-player DOOM II Ver 1.666+. Although fairly easy to use, it was not written with the NOVICE doomer in mind. If you can't get two player DOOM to work with the supplied...Date:12/05/95
Size:39.99 KB
Author:James Dement

MooDem v1.0
Using the doom program, SETUP , you can only play over the modem at 9600 bps. Which if your phone lines are like mine, is quite SLOW. MooDem, lets you play at 57600, the most effective speed, for a 14.4 - 28.8 mod...Date:11/11/94
Size:31.75 KB
Author:Dreamer is a version of sersetup in DOOM1.2 which solves the problem of serial connection games slowing down after about 2mins of play...Date:04/24/94
Size:18.88 KB

PARSETUP is a Parallel Printer Port device driver for id Software's DOOM (tm) and DOOM II (tm) which will allow two computers to play across a LapLink or InterLnk parallel cable. Just the thing if you want to play multiplayer DOOM but don't hav...Date:02/04/95
Size:36.04 KB

RMSetup 4.0
Allows 3 or 4 players (or 2) to play DOOM by just using serial cables. As noted, you can play with just 2 players using RMSetup, however, other drivers for serial 2 player might be faster because of RMSetup's overhead in packetising the data. ...Date:07/06/95
Size:24.24 KB
Author:Antony Suter

a package to get Doom Serial Mode to work fine and smoothly....Date:04/24/94
Size:37.59 KB

DOOM II Serial Device Driver Version 1.4 Revision 1.4.04
Featuring 2 new parameters to modem play DOOM 2. With these features, you can start a deathmatch right after your gameplay negotiations with your opponent by switching your modem from voice to data connection mode without calling your opponent aga...Date:09/29/95
Size:14.99 KB
Author:Tan Chan Siong
SER6ALT.ZIP is a replacement/upgraded Executable for SER6. To use, just copy over your old SER6.EXE file. This new Executable changes/fixes -The Dreaded Scrolling Screen Bug when launching Doom -Re-Written Directory routine now allows...Date:01/20/95
Size:43.55 KB
Author:Paul Hermann

SER6.EXE source code
SER6_SRC.ZIP contains the source code to SER6.EXE. It was compiled under Borland C/C++ 3.1. Feel free to make any modifications to this code for personal use only. If you want to modify this code for a public release, you must get permission...Date:11/22/94
Size:38.08 KB
Author:Paul Hermann, Russell Gilbert

Screen: - The Screen Shots are from Ultimate Doom, DOOM ][, Heretic and Hexen, please note the copyr
Size:175.5 KB

SeradTWO 1.0
Through SerSetup, SeradTWO allows you to play DOOM TWO through the modem with many more options than id Software would DARE put in their SETUP.EXE file! Menu driven! Mouse required! Much easier and nicer than SETUP....Date:10/22/94
Size:59.71 KB
Author:Unforgiven Productions

sercheat 1.0 beta
This is a raw beta. It has not been fully tested (that's what you beta testers are for ;) ). Go ahead and try it out. To use it, make sure both parties (you & your opponent) have this program. You may want to rename your opponent's exe file so...Date:05/13/94
Size:41.71 KB
Author:David Bialac
This is the source code to the serial driver for DOOM. By modifying this, you can get it to run in other mediums which require a lower BW protocol and noise immunity....Date:04/24/94
Size:9.06 KB
Author:id Software

Play DOOM with up to four players via modem. SIRDOOM has a built in terminal that will allow you to call your favorite Major BBS system running the multi-player version of Game Connection (V1.45 or higher) and play DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, or Hex...Date:05/11/96
Size:141.62 KB
Author:Sirius Software, Inc.

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