Filename: utils/serial/apciht21.zip
Size: 603.35 KB
Date: 12/11/95
Author: Applied Personal Computing, Inc.
Description: APCiHERETIC is a freeware utility for Heretic and Hexen. It is the client software that allows high-speed modem users to play Heretic and Hexen via the APCi MultiPlayer Game Server(tm). It features a chat utility that enables players to chat and change WAD files and settings before and between games. Supported modes are modem, serial link, and IPX. Proper operation requires Heretic 1.2 or later, or Hexen 1.0 or later. The MPGS is *NOT* required to use APCiHERETIC.
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Works great, but will only run in true DOS. Cannot run from Win9X dos box.x

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