Title: DeathManager Auxiliar v1.1
Filename: utils/serial/dmaux11.zip
Size: 13.08 KB
Date: 10/05/98
Author: Rafael Jorge Csura Szendrodi
Description: DeathManager Auxiliar (DMAUX.EXE) is a auxiliar program to DeathManager (DM.EXE). DeathManager is an easy-to-use interface that replaces the hassle of typing command-line parameters to SERSETUP.EXE and IPXSETUP.EXE. DeathManager comes with the Shareware and Registered versions of the DOOM, DOOM2, Heretic and Hexen.

Unfortunately has a problem in the DeathManager, you can't pass a irq modem number to SERSETUP.EXE, if you have a non-usual configuration in your FAX/MODEM card, you can't use the DeathManager because SERSETUP.EXE will get a default irq number to the COM port of the your FAX/MODEM card that won't be the same that you have configurated to it. THIS MY CASE :(

DeathManager Auxiliar correct this problem, when you use the DeathManager and type F10 to start the comunication, it will bypass the sersetup entrie and call DMAUX.EXE that will start SERSETUP.EXE.

The DeathManager Auxiliar will pass the correct irq modem number to the SERSETUP.EXE and ALL options that DM.EXE write in the file DM$$$.TMP and you will stay happy to can use the DeathManager program.
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