Title: DWANGO v2.0 - The DOOM Wide-Area Network Game Organization!
Filename: utils/serial/dwango.zip
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Date: 06/09/95
Author: IVS Corporation
Description: DWANGO is a revolutionary, new way to play games. It's all about networking and playing other people all around the world, no matter where they are. You can chat with each other, create teams, join teams and jump into any DOOM, DOOM2 or HERETIC world you want -- either in DeathMatch or in Co- operative mode.

The problem common to networking computer games is that the other people that you want to play might not want to play at the exact same time that you do. Or, you might get tired of beating the same old person time after time because you don't know anyone else in your area with the same DOOM problem that you have. With DWANGO, you get DeathMatch-On-Command! Just dial up and challenge someone to a match -- even if it's 3:00 in the morning!
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The original way to play DOOM online and spawner of the classic deathmatch series. Deserves higher than 3 stars - This was the first online gaming service!x

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