Title: JServe02.Exe - Ver 0.2 (BETA)
Filename: utils/serial/jserve02.zip
Size: 39.99 KB
Date: 12/05/95
Author: James Dement
Description: JServe is a serial driver written specifically for the purpose of playing multi-player DOOM II Ver 1.666+. Although fairly easy to use, it was not written with the NOVICE doomer in mind. If you can't get two player DOOM to work with the supplied drivers, you probably won't get it to work with this one either. What makes this driver special is not the fancy GUI (especially since it does not yet have one) or the ability to help set every DOOM parameter under the sun, but its the ability to play 3 and 4 player DOOM using any combination of serial cables and modems. Admittedly, with my hardware 4 players is too slow to be a lot of fun, but 3 works well! And with better hardware, 4 may be fine as well. This is where all you of come in to play. I need help testing this thing on a much wider variety of hardware than I can get my hands on. So I need your help in testing this thing.

JServe is a stand alone program. This means it does not require a game server of any kind, and subsequently it does not require $30+ a month for play time. JServe is, more or less, it's own client and it's own server. By daisy chaining computers together you can have a 3 or 4 player death match, play co-operatively, or even team play (2 on 2).

JServe, above all else, is BETA. Please remember this if you can't get it to work with your hardware. It is yours to play with under the condition you have to report to me any problems you may have with it. :) Yes, I know, there is always a catch! You are granted permission to use this BETA through October 1995, after this time you should remove it from your system and obtain the upgrade. I hope to have made some improvements by then, time permitting of course, and I don't want old betas floating around. I retain all rights to this program.
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