Title: sercheat 1.0 beta
Filename: utils/serial/sercheat.zip
Size: 41.71 KB
Date: 05/13/94
Author: David Bialac
Description: This is a raw beta. It has not been fully tested (that's what you beta testers are for ;) ). Go ahead and try it out. To use it, make sure both parties (you & your opponent) have this program. You may want to rename your opponent's exe file something else, or he might figure out what you're up to. This program does not work with other serial programs for Doom, however the final release will hopefully be backwards compatible with SER4. The cheating only works if you are using a saved game. If you chose to cheat, be sure to configure so that you can enable Degreelessnessmode and/or Clipping. Infinite ammo will be added in the next beta.
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A save game hacker, not truly a cheat online utility.x

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