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8MBGM and 8MBGSFX Gravis Patch Set v1.3
The files in this archive consist of a complete set of high quality Gravis format patch files that were created from EMU Technologies "8MBGM.SF2" and "8MBGSFX.SF2" SoundFont format soundbanks (E-mu Rev B). The patch set consists of 635 Gravis ...Date:04/21/04
Size:24.97 MB
Author:Rich Nagel

This is some code I wrote for Freedoom to generate a free "GENMIDI" lump for Doom. The source data is based on the register values from the OpenBSD OPL driver. The result isn't too great; the original GENMIDI is definitely miles better, but it's some...Date:02/24/08
Size:12.53 KB
Author:Simon Howard (fraggle)

The DMAuD Sound Extractor v1.2
Here is a nifty utility that I whipped up to extract all of the sounds in a PWAD file after spending half an hour doing it one sound at a time using DMAuD. All it does is call DMAuD and send it parameters along with the file name you supply....Date:09/02/94
Size:6.1 KB
Author:Bucky La Dieu

DOOM Audio Editor - version 1.1
DMAUD will store sounds into or extract sounds from DOOM WAD and PWAD files. In addition, DMAUD will play the sound if a SoundBlaster compatible sound card is present. Patch WAD files (PWAD) can be edited the same as WAD files by using the '-f pwad...Date:08/18/95
Size:38.58 KB
Author:Bill Neisius

DMaud For Windows v1.1
The First Internal DOOM Audio Editor! Works with DOOM 1 and Original Sounds From DOOM II....Date:08/21/95
Size:282.68 KB
Author:Richard Ratayczak For Disk And Desk Inc.

DMAXIT DooM Audio eXtraction and Insertion Tool
DMAXIT will store sounds into or extract sounds from DOOM2 WAD and PWAD files. It does the entire wad at one time, without the repeated dmaud entries to insert audio into your new PWADs. In addition, it will create new PWADs for you. ...Date:01/16/96
Size:7.39 KB
Author:John Clark

DooMMusic User Interface v1.0
DMMUI is a front end for DMMUSIC.EXE, a program which allows you insert your own musical scores into DOOM. I've included DMMUSIC v1.0 and MIDI2MUS in the Zipfile, so you don't have to go looking for t...Date:07/27/94
Size:58.2 KB

DOOM Music Editor
DMMUSIC will store music into or extract music from DOOM WAD and PWAD files. To list the names of available music entries, use the '-L' option. Patch WAD files (PWAD) can be edited the same as WAD files by using the '-f pwad' option on the command ...Date:05/12/94
Size:14.98 KB
Author:Bill Neisius
These batch files are little utilities I threw together to make life a little easier on me. I have 2-3 versions of Doom running, and when I install a new version, and it has the bare bone sounds in there, that bugs the hell out of me. So I threw to...Date:12/16/94
Size:39.19 KB

GENMIDI Replacement for Ultimate Doom and Doom II
GENMID01.WAD is a tiny Doom wad which contains a replacement for the GENMIDI lump in the Doom IWAD. This lump controls the FM music synthesizer on sound cards using the Yamaha OPL2/OPL3 chip. Examples of such cards are Soundblaster, Adlib, and Pro...Date:09/04/01
Size:73.62 KB

Hexen Sounds for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
Hexen sounds will allow you to hear the sounds from the Hexen main wad and also will help you to edit your scripts to easily insert the right sound without typing your fingers off....Date:03/02/96
Size:8.88 KB
Author:Chet Walters at WizWorks!

This converts general MIDI music to Paul's MUS format which goes into DOOM....Date:05/12/94
Size:22.84 KB
Author:id Software

This file contains detailed information about the usage of GenMIDI instruments by the songs in DOOM. (With additional info relevant to the GUS.)...Date:07/20/94
Size:3.28 KB
Author:Keith M Ellis

MODfile to MIDIfile converter
Soon after my introduction to MODfiles, a mere two years ago, I became aware of their limitations. Not the least of these is their incompatibility with standard musical notation. They are also limited by the quality of their recording, and t...Date:02/14/95
Size:128.37 KB
Author:Alexander Stock

Mus2midi version 1.0
This is the elusive version 1.0 of the Mus2midi tool. The author, just_joe has a web site available here: However, version 1.0 is mysteriously missing from his site. Repeated...Date:01/29/05
Size:23.11 KB
It's just what the file-name sounds like. Will convert .MUS files to MIDI files....Date:12/09/94
Size:22.88 KB

MUS File Player Library V1.75
DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic & Hexen MUS file player library. Supports Adlib, Sound Blaster (OPL2), Sound Blaster Pro II/16 (OPL3, stereo), Sound Blaster AWE32 (EMU 8000), Roland MPU-401 and Sound Blaster MIDI port. Can play music on the background. Ca...Date:05/06/96
Size:454.19 KB
Author:Vladimir Arnost

DOOM MUS File Player V1.75
DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic & Hexen MUS file player. Supports Adlib, Sound Blaster (OPL2), Sound Blaster Pro II/16 (OPL3, stereo), Sound Blaster AWE32 (EMU 8000), Roland MPU-401 and Sound Blaster MIDI port. Can play music on the background. Can store ...Date:05/06/96
Size:153.76 KB
Author:Vladimir Arnost

This small utility has been done generally having in mind Bill Neisius's DMMUSIC utility. However, dince Bill haven't done a DMMUSIC for DOOM II yet, I wrote it myself. But the syntax is very similar to DMMUSIC....Date:04/30/95
Size:14.7 KB
Author:Igor Obraztsov (the SCORPIO)

Doom Mus Player v0.99a
I have created this Doom Mus Player for only one thing: Playing Doom Music In Order Automatically Without Running Doom. Thats all....Date:04/14/00
Size:108.38 KB
Author:Erik Bogeholt

Quick MUS->MID file converter v2.0
o 30 times faster than MUS2MIDI by Joakim Erdfelt (no offense meant ! ;) ie conversion is instantaneous o Real-time MIDI file compression - up to 25% disk space safe - a compressed MIDI file is usable as it ...Date:01/24/96
Size:76.74 KB
Author:Sebastien Bacquet

SoundRip v1.0
Rip your DOOM / DOOM ][ / Heretic samples into a single patch WAD! Great for you guys who use more than one soundset (I do :)!...Date:08/06/95
Size:11.56 KB
Author:Joachim Fenkes

XMUS is a MUS (music files from DOOM, HERETIC, etc) extractor. It can extract MUS files from anyone file (IWAD, PWAD, or other) if has. Try it!...Date:09/03/95
Size:10.2 KB

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