Title: 8MBGM and 8MBGSFX Gravis Patch Set v1.3
Filename: utils/sound_edit/8mbgmpat.zip
Size: 24.97 MB
Date: 04/21/04
Author: Rich Nagel
Description: The files in this archive consist of a complete set of high quality Gravis format patch files that were created from EMU Technologies "8MBGM.SF2" and "8MBGSFX.SF2" SoundFont format soundbanks (E-mu Rev B).

The patch set consists of 635 Gravis format patches (a total of 32,156,227 bytes of patch files) which make up a single high quality General MIDI compatable standard melodic bank, and a total of nine different General MIDI compatable drum kits (Standard, Room, Power, Electronic, TR-808, Jazz, Brush, Orchestral, and Sound Effects drum kits).

These patch files can be used with the software wavetable synthesis MIDI music synthesizer "Timidity", or any program or utility that supports Gravis format patches for music synthesis (such as the native Gravis patch support included with PRBOOM, the native Timidity support included with ZDOOM, the software wavetable synthesis digital MIDI "DIGMID" music driver support included with BOOM or any other Allegro based application, or the MIDI player support of the Cubic Player).

Essentially this patch set will make the MIDI music playback of any of the above mentioned applications sound highly realistic, all without the need of expensive MIDI hardware.
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Of the three sets of GUS patches available on idgames (the other two being stock Gravis and EAWPATS) this is the most balanced. If you are in a situation where you need to use GUS patches in a source port (like in Chocolate Doom on Windows 8 and above if you want both midi and volume controls) than this is your best option.x
I think its strange how my timidity4zdoom2 won't play anything other than the eawpats collection, exculsively. It won't play anything else... at all. But I did get to hear a friend use this soundfont and I must say it was awesome.x
Very nice sounding, wayy better than an OPL chip or the crappy patches that come with the Ultrasound. Nowadays, there are more realistic soundfonts you can use, but those take up a bit of RAM. Though these patches are still pleasant on the ears.x

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