Title: bsdmidi
Filename: utils/sound_edit/bsdmidi.zip
Size: 12.53 KB
Date: 02/24/08
Author: Simon Howard (fraggle)
Description: This is some code I wrote for Freedoom to generate a free "GENMIDI" lump for Doom. The source data is based on the register values from the OpenBSD OPL driver. The result isn't too great; the original GENMIDI is definitely miles better, but it's somewhat acceptable.
Credits: OpenBSD/NetBSD projects, specifically the authors of the OPL driver.
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To explain what this is: the SoundBlaster family of cards use a chip called the OPL chip to play MIDI. By itself, this cannot play MIDI; all you can do is program it to make different noises. Doom's GENMIDI lump contains a set of register values to program the OPL to sound like the standard MIDI instruments. Freedoom needs a free OPL lump, so this is a free version based on the OpenBSD OPL driver. Not as good as the original Doom's one, but good enough.x

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