Title: GENMIDI Replacement for Ultimate Doom and Doom II
Filename: utils/sound_edit/genmid01.zip
Size: 73.62 KB
Date: 09/04/01
Description: GENMID01.WAD is a tiny Doom wad which contains a replacement for the GENMIDI lump in the Doom IWAD. This lump controls the FM music synthesizer on sound cards using the Yamaha OPL2/OPL3 chip. Examples of such cards are Soundblaster, Adlib, and Pro Audio Sound. This GENMIDI replacement is designed to make the Doom music sound better.
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Wow. This is beyond terrible. Providing you're using this on OPL3 (either DOS SB16, DOSBox, or ZDoom emulation) this turns the music from the classic, atmospheric and emotion-filled tracks into some retarded, boingy, and off-sounding travesty which actually made me cringe. Avoid at all costs. 0/5x
E1M2 is hilarious!x
The author said, "the quality of your FM music will improve tremendously. In fact, you will likely be astounded by the difference." Yet this makes something that has a smooth and solid sound which contributes to the game's dark theme tend toward awkward and boring, making some instruments sound splashy, weak, or strained. Just check how it turns the awesome mood of D_E1M5 or D_E1M7 to shit, or how it cripples the metal tracks. [1/5] ~Chain Mail (11/2007)x
I'm not really gonna use this since I took it upon myself to replace the original music, but very good idea.x

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