Title: CONV2HEX 2.0
Filename: utils/wad_tools/conv2hex.zip
Size: 36.39 KB
Date: 11/25/95
Author: Simply Silly Software
Description: CONV2Hex is a table driven converter like the one found in D! (my other big product). And hey.. I realized that it would take about 3 minutes to convert the DOOM/DOOM2 -> Heretic scripts in D! over to the new format, and make them work for hexen (acutally.. I converted to heretic, then to hexen.. it's a long story). So CONV2Hex was born.

Version 2.0 is very powerful. It can now handle around 85% of the different linedef types (see the section on limitations for more information on what it can and can't do), about 50% of the sector types, and all the different textures/things. I've added code to automatically add mega weapons, adjust sector heights (the player in hexen is taller than the player in heretic) and even split up multiple pwads. This converter rocks.... as usual.

Now, this converter is designed to be used by PWAD developers to help them bring their levels over to hexen. Although the levels it creates are playable immediately, they may have no exits, or areas may still not function properly.
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Contrary to the above review, it does actually work...SOMETIMES. The program is very finicky and rather buggy, sometimes vomiting a corrupt output wad when given input that works fine within vanilla limits. Seems to dislike non-level resources and large maps, but I'm not totally sure. Also, the conversion rules are often lazy or weird, although the config can be edited. Apparently the program was written as a quick-and-dirty hack, and it shows: this is not release-quality software.x
Doesn't appear to work at all.x

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