Title: WADCOMP.EXE and EXTRACT.EXE (also includes LIST.EXE)
Filename: utils/wad_tools/custmwad.zip
Size: 138.91 KB
Date: 07/25/95
Author: Serge Smirnov
Description: EXTRACT.EXE and WADCOMP.EXE are two utilities for compiling WAD files. Together, these two programs should let you build a "custom" WAD file. WADCOMP.EXE is the actual "compiler", and EXTRACT.EXE is a powerful tool for extracting stuff from WAD files. You will find them especially useful if you want to manipulates WADs in a way other programs won't let you. Since these utilities work with directory entries (lumps), you can use them with any valid WAD file, be it a Doom2 WAD or a Heretic WAD.

Also included in this distribution is LIST.EXE, which lets you view the directory of a WAD file. There are many programs out there that do that, and I am including mine only for your convenience, just in case you don't already have one. Also, LIST.EXE will let you check if a WAD file contains a certain entry in batch mode.
Credits: This project was made possible by the following people's efforts:

id sofware -- created DOOM
Matt Fell -- wrote The Unofficial DOOM Specs

Thanks to Michael Zoran for beta testing the software for me.
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