Title: DM1toHT1.EXE v1.0 32-bit (a Multi-Level DOOM I & II to HERETIC Converter)
Filename: utils/wad_tools/dm1toht1.zip
Size: 152.4 KB
Date: 08/04/06
Author: David L. Davis aka SpottedTiger
Description: Multi-Level DOOM I&II to Heretic Converter Converts Single/Multi-Level 'DOOM' PWADs and changes all MAPs, MUSIC, WALL Textures, and Graphic PATCHES quickly to 'HERETIC'. (* Requires HERETIC Registered *)

[Note by the uploader:] This program does not run on Win32. But DosBox works fine. You might need to do some additinal editig with a level editor, to make the conversion result work properly. Customizing DM1TOHT1.DAT is most definitely a good idea. Another very good idea is to read and understand dm1toht1.doc completely.
Base: New from scratch
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