Title: doometic.zip
Filename: utils/wad_tools/doometic.zip
Size: 121.21 KB
Date: 07/13/97
Author: Curtis A Gibson
Description: When I first got into hacking around with doom, I had a friend who liked Doom much more than he liked heretic. So he asked me if it were possible to pull the maps out of His heretic and play them in the Doom engine. What you have here is the resulting answer.

This little batch file, and the utilities packed with it (none of which are mine), extract the map info from Heretic, run them through a converter, and recompile them into a single wad. A fair warning, not all of the textures work quite right and sometimes things look a little strange, and some of the monster replacement will shock you (at least it did me), but this is for fun, so Hey.

As a copyright note, no ID or Raven coprighted material is included in this package. You need Heretic Wad to extract from and Doom to play.
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Errr... what's the point ? It's totally unusable...x
omg most hilarious utility evar!!! makes you realize how crappy the alignments in heretic were. a lot of maps are also now unfinishable :Px

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