Title: MOOD: DOOM behind the Looking Glass
Filename: utils/wad_tools/mood_v12.zip
Size: 86.3 KB
Date: 08/26/02
Author: Michael N. Novikov (the idea) and Serge N. Slepov (the coding)
Description: This nice little utility lets you see any DOOM level with the eyes of Alice during her journey in the World behind the Looking Glass.

Explore the familiar DOOM levels that have changed in a queer way: in this new world, left is right, and right is left. Wherever you used to take a left turn, you would have to take a right turn. Very queer. It's sort of hard, too, to always keep in mind that what's used to be at your left will appear at your right, and the other way round. Try it. It's fun. :)

Now, if you are getting *curiouser and curiouser*, here's how MOOD works. It changes the level data in the DOOM.WAD file or any other .WAD file you specify so that all the walls in a map are flipped over the X-axis. Well, the actual algorithm is a bit more complex; you can check out the source code if you like, it's pretty straightforward and well-commented (in Russian ;-)
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I tried this with Galaxia and yes, it was very strange. This is a good novelty tool, unlike slige.x
I initially thought this would be a colour pallet hack with psychedelic colours, I was wrong. It mirrors the levels on the horizontal (hence the name MOOD)- making for some interesting game-play. If you think you know all the doom levels, then try this. I also tried it on a single level and it erased the data in that wad without question so use backups. It worked fine on Requiem. 4/5x

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