Filename: utils/wad_tools/sarge13.zip
Size: 29.64 KB
Date: 05/09/99
Author: Jim Donovan
Description: This program is a DOOM and DOOM II utility that randomly changes most items in any WAD file to Sergeants, Chaingunners, or Wolfenstein SS troops. It was made with my own personal tastes in mind and due the lack of such a program for DOOM II as far as I know. I prefer a rough game on Ultra-Violence that is as realistic as possible and I do not find demons or aliens to be very realistic. You will now have neat effects such as bad guys in the secret rooms where there weren't any before. Acts as a "WAD-extender" in that you will have 30+(DOOM II) possible enemy compositions for your favorite WADs.
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Bugs: I cannot be sure that it will work properly on PWADs with new music or graphics. You will also notice guys standing on top of each other or preventing lifts from working properly, etc. This is a normal side effect of a program such as this and it would not be worth the effort to prevent all such occurences. Besides, what's the big deal? They will still die when you shoot them. Version 1.1 fixes the early discovered "12th floor" bug-other WADs may have this same problem, but most will not. Version 1.2 fixes about four bugs that I have discovered and allows normal "playing through" of the levels by preserving necessary monsters. It also works with HERETIC but in what is really a Beta form as I have not finished figuring-out which monsters are "necessary" since I don't play it much. Version 1.2 also DOES work with multiple-floor PWADs. Now you can also change everything to barrels or Player 1 Starts if you wish! It should also work with at least some WADs with modified graphics and/or sounds. Please E-Mail me any specific WADs it does not work on so I can figure-out why. Thanks. Check-out the "Alternating" mode that uses half Sergeants and half Chaingunners! Versions 1.3's primary claim to fame is barrel/revenant mode which is a blast as well as being challenging. I played thru the entire DOOM II in this mode more than once. I have also neatened-up some of the running of the program.
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