Title: WAD-Dir V2.2
Filename: utils/wad_tools/waddir22.zip
Size: 39.11 KB
Date: 06/07/95
Description: A very good (I think it's the best) Shell to play WAD-File for DOOM I / II and HERETIC !!!!!!

WAD-Dir gives you the information you need to play a DOOM I/II or HERETIC PWAD-File (e.g. Episode/Mission) and the information you want (e.g. new graphix or new sound(fx) etc.). After choosen a WAD-File you can play it in DOOM I/II or HERETIC. (And after playing, you are back to WAD-Dir !!!) You can use it for DeatMatch-Startup (with external PWAD's) too. (You don't need any TXT-Files from your WAD-Files, they are take too much disk space.)

I don't know if there are other programs that do this, but maybe you like my program better.
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