Title: WADHEX 32Bits - Hexadecimal Visualizator.
Filename: utils/wad_tools/wadhex32.zip
Size: 114.84 KB
Date: 03/04/03
Description: Principal Functions The program permits to view a WAD file of any type (textures, sounds, constructions), opening it to visualize in hexadecimal format. Also this program is useful to view any class of file (really any type!) and it can also help you to find "virus strings" or strange information in your data. However, the principal idea of its development was to view WAD files. This program will not alter of damage your files anyway :)
Credits: iD Software - For their games mentioned above. e-mail: help@idsoftware.com Ty Halderman - For support on adding the icon to the executable e-mail: thdrmn@teamtnt.com
Base: From scratch. I built part of this application when I was a student. Some changes were done to make it works fine and safe.
Build time: Two days approximatively, considering tests and depurations.
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Anyone by the moment.
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