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December 18, 2003
I relent. Enough people have sent me emails telling me I haven't updated in almost a year, so here I am. At least I have an excuse. I have been working. My first real job (that doesn't involve sitting around doing nothing for 8 hours a day), and it keeps me very occupied. It also sucks in the fact that when I get home, I no longer enjoy seeing a computer screen, or sitting in a desk-chair.
The upside is that I get a nice wage, but the downside is that the call center I work for treats their employees poorly. Most days I can barely get 3 hours in before I get sent home due to low call volume, and I cannot graduate from my 'contract' position, etc. This is a rant for another time.
I'd quit, but there's just no jobs available here. There's only 3 job markets on PEI; call centers, long/short haul trucking, and bar tending. This time next year, I will likely be driving a dump truck :)

Anyway, I have very little to offer in the way of an actual update. I am still working on my Doom projects, just a little slower. I have not been inactive at all over the past year. The Don's Challenge project is coming along very nicely. I've learned an insane amount about DDF and RTS since the last release, and I think you'll be plenty surprised at how I pulled off some of the effects in the remake. When will I be able to release it? I'd say tentatively... uh... January, but take that with a grain of salt.
Immoral Conduct is not dead either. I have added a few tweaks to the last version, but I've mainly been focusing on DC1.

As for downloadable goodies, well, they're slim as well. I have uploaded a new user-submitted wad (sorry it took so long, dude), to the Files page, and I updated the links to Lizard's Legacy, and cleaned up some stray links, mainly the changed ZDoom address.

Also, one last thing: I have noticed that some legit emails are getting scrapped by my huge assortment of mail filters. The Contact link to the side there has been updated, and offers some suggestions.

January 1, 2003
An official update! I've slowed down progress of my many projects, so I decided to release what I have, just in case it's another couple of months before I start working on them again.
Available on the files page are: a new version of icd-se, and all new dehacked version (for newer ZDoom betas only), and... well, that's it. I was waiting for an official ZDoom release, but figured I might as well release both the EDGE and ZDoom versions in one go. 

December 1, 2002
Uploaded another user submitted wad, by Capt. Red. You can get it from the Files page. I should probably think about updating my own wads sometime soon as well...

October 4, 2002

I was prompted to make a Legacy version of my SiN Dehacked patch, so I uploaded the results. You can find the link by the ZDoom version on the Files page.

September 30, 2002
Added a weapon skin to the Files page by Tony Lindberg, and also added a wad of my own creation that changes the Doom STCFN* font.
UPDATE: 10/01/02: Uploaded a new version of the font wad.

September 10, 2002
Added quite a bit of interesting stuff/effects to ICD-SE over the last few months. I may have to break my promise of not releasing a new version until after EDGE gets updated, but I'll give it some time. I'm definitely going to continue developing the Special Edition, since nobody complained about any speed issues.
Also added a file by Nicholas Perrin to the Files page.

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