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Other Projects

Don's Challenge Trilogy

Don's Challenge has a long and odd history. Originally a very campy comic I drew in my younger angsty days, I turned it into a really bad Doom conversion back when stuff like deutex was brand new.
Later on, I decided to do a Part 2, which soon became my first ever publicly released TC. Those who played it gave some great positive feedback.
It was originally intended for Dos Legacy, but by the time I finished it, it used ZDoom 1.22, and it featured 2 acts where you could play one of two characters.

Eventually, after using EDGE for Immoral Conduct DDF for so long, I decided to do a Part 3. I made a short 10 level demo, which was released a few times as I improved upon it. With the recent new releases of EDGE (1.26, 1.27), the Dc3demo was pulled, so I could perform updates.
Unfortunately, I also decided to re-do the original - Part 1.
Part 1 was released only weeks before EDGE 1.27 was released, however due to the severely ass-backwards way of developing these projects, I was forced to pull all public releases. I suck at the organizational skillz.

I am currently working on the remake of Part 2, which uses EDGE instead of ZDoom. This part is fully up to date, and as soon as it is done, the necessary adjustments will be made to the Part 3 demo, at which point they can all be released, and I can begin work on the full version of Part 3.

Wow. Writing that out makes it seem a lot more complicated than it actually is... The bottom line right now is only Part 1 is available for download. The rest will come shortly, and hopefully, you won't be disappointed.


Update: 12/17/03:
Due to other commitments, progress slowed a little in terms of level building for the DC1 remake project. However, I am currently (and diligently) doing the levels, and in some cases, forcing myself to do so. I really want to get this project released and done with, so I can move on to the other acts, which are extensively planned already.

Update: 12/27/02:
The remake of DC1 is coming along very nicely! A few more level modifications, and it will be ready for release. Believe me when I say it is 650% better than the currently available version. Also, once it is released, building DC2 will be quite easy.

The Don's Notes site is now Here.

Progress so far:

Part 1: Complete! Go to the site for download! (a new version is coming soon).
Part 2: Act 1 almost done, Act 2 not started yet.
Part 3: Needs some minor fixing, but almost complete (first episode that is).

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