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Immoral Conduct in of itself is a project I have been working on for almost two years now. It began as a dehacked patch, mainly for use with ZDoom 1.22. Eventually, as the unpopular "DosDoom" port became "EDGE" and began supporting interesting features, I decided to begin using it.
EDGE was new, so I was limited to what I could fully accomplish, so as I learned of the engine's capabilities, I added more. Being one to always tweak and adjust things here and there, and given EDGE's nigh-unlimited nature, I constantly added, removed, changed and reverted many features to the ddf version of the game.

The old dehacked version was from the start meant to be used for deathmatch games. It doesn't change the gameplay a whole lot more, but enough to make the DM experience a little different.

Immoral Conduct is constantly mistaken for a Total Conversion, with questions like "Where are the levels / monsters??". I never intended to include either, as I feel it makes the game more open ended. Also, it is meant to be more of a gameplay enhancement, rather than a complete replacement. The problem with total conversions is once you're done playing it, there's nothing else to do. With my stuff, you have all the millions of user made Doom and Doom II levels at your disposal to be enhanced with new weapons and items.

With the Immoral Conduct project pretty much finished indefinitely, keep your eyes open for other miscellaneous projects I will post here. I'm always doing this or that with the Doom engine, and anything worthwhile will be shared.

Anyway, on with the brief description:
There are more detailed descriptions within the doc for each version.

Dehacked Version:
No new items per say, only weapons:

1: Punch
1: Knife
2: Akimbo 1911's
3: Pump Shotgun
3: Automatic Shotgun
4: Uzi
5: 40mm Grenade Launcher
6: M-16
7: Sniper Rifle

EDGE Version:

1: Knife
2: .45 Pistol
2: Akimbo .45's
3: Stock 12g Pump Shotgun
3: Customized Pump Shotgun (fires projectiles)
3: 12g Hand Cannon
4: 9mm Uzi SMG
4: Akimbo Uzis
5: Fragmentation Hand Grenades
5: 40mm Grenade / Teargas gun
6: Assault Rifle with M203
6: Infantry Rifle with Bayonet
7: Minigun (used by Enemies)
7: 12g Sawed-off Pump Shotgun (used by Enemies)
7: Beretta 9mm Pistol
7: Chrome Magnum Revolver
8: Sentry Turret Kit
8: Gas Powered Chainsaw
9: Remote / Proximity Satchel Charges
0: Silenced .45 Pistol
0: Marking / Visibility Flares


50% Health Kit (replaces soul sphere)
Nightvision (replaces light-amp)


Features random zombies, and random helpers. Each new character uses a different weapon.
Marine Soldier (Thing #3041)
Space Marine Corporal (replaces mega sphere)
Space Marine Private (Thing #3000)
Also, most of the monsters have been slightly changed.. different color blood, minor changes to attacks, etc.

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