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  2. I wouldn't like to see so many variants though, it's like artificially inflating the number of enemies/enemy types. Sure, Fire Baron and the regular one + Doom 3's HK is alright, but also a green variant? That would be too much.
  3. Szuran

    Heavy Metal Armageddon - work in progress

    Wasting way too much time adding way too much detail, but frankly, how could you NOT do this? Where's the point you stop and say: it's fine, it's done? I haven't found it yet. Instead of nearing the finish line, I feel like it's moving with my every step.
  4. Impie

    MAYhem 2019 - Doom for the Doom God!

    I made two maps for this. Baron Loqui's Summer Resort & Orpheus Desu
  5. hoover1979

    UltraHD Texture Pack - 2nd Tech Demo released!

    There is an outbreak of killer flu and I caught it. Now I REALLY feel crap. I just can't win!
  6. Doom64hunter

    the baron in doom eternal is called a "fire baron"

    My guess is that the Fire Baron essentially is a reimagining of the one from Doom 64, with the regular pink/green Baron from Doom 1/2 and the Hellknight from Doom 3 also making a reappearance.
  7. pigeonduckthing

    Request Megawad suggestions.

    aliens tc (the first total conversion)
  8. Bryan T

    Request Megawad suggestions.

  9. Battlecruiser 3000AD/Universal Combat series. if you can get through the manual, of course.
  10. TheNoob_Gamer

    absolution tc map 15 bug figured

    Hardly anyone play Absolution TC now. It's inaccurate, buggy and unstable. There are actually 2 good alternatives to play Doom 64 on PC now: Doom 64 EX by the creator of Absolution TC itself, requires a ROM of the game to work properly, and a .dll fix if you are on Win10. Doom 64 Retribution by Nevander, 100% free if you have Doom 2, requires GZDoom; includes a new episode and some Absolution maps IIRC.
  11. Today
  12. xvertigox

    Request Megawad suggestions.

  13. 22_deathgrip

    Request Megawad suggestions.

    https://www.doomworld.com/files/category/129-megawads/?sortby=file_rating&sortdirection=desc I am thinking to use that as a list, but just wanted to know if there are titles on that list that are actually shit or don't work with GZDoom.
  14. TwinBeast

    what should be my background for my pc?

    Why not have them all? I have multiple background images that change randomly every 30 minutes.
  15. Taurus Daggerknight

    what should be my background for my pc?

  16. Roofi

    Request Megawad suggestions.

    Look on idgames.
  17. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: ESP 2

    Map 21 : Reality03 Map 01 Pistol Start , No Save Uv-max DEMO Time : 2:21 Map Difficulty : Medium Well , ToD made this level well easier in ESP2 than it was supposed to be . As the title said , it was originally a reality map so you started with only 1HP. However , for unknown reasons you begin with 100HP like any standard NH map. More oddly , ToD managed to reduce our health to 1HP in teledest but not in Reality M02 nor M03. In any case , this map still brings interesting challenge considering that you have to kill more than 100 monsters without recovering your health. The layout of this map is very straightforward. it just consists of a looping corridor which rise to the north with a few rooms next. The hardest thing to do in this level is to kill all the imps with your RL without splashing yourself or being stucked by imps coming from both sides. So , you have to be accurate while staying mobile. There are some mid-tiers monsters to kill in the small rooms , including arch-viles near the end but they don't cause a lot of trouble. Also , there are fortunately no hitscanner except at the very beginning. So , as a NH level , it can be considered as the easiest in ESP2. R03 M02 has more monsters and trickier fights if I can compare too.
  18. Tahlkora

    RandomSpawner + Custom monsters ??

    Because I'm new at this + dumb. Thank you for pointing out that it didn't work that way, I have it working now.
  19. CyberDreams

    what should be my background for my pc?

    I'm assuming you mean the designs from the Doom (2016) game. Out of those 3 choices, i'd probably go with either Doomguy (aka Doom Slayer) or the Pinky Demon. I'm not too fond of how the Cyberdemon looks in Doom (2016) tbh, but that's just me.
  20. xit-vono

    doom2 30nm tricks

    I have a quick question that probably could be answered by experimenting. Is it necessary to be close to the wall like in map14 or is it good enough to just push up against it and find the right horizontal position+right angle+instant strafe50?
  21. -TDRR-

    Doom Open World 1 map

    While i would like to, unfortunately there's severe electricity and internet connection issues stopping me from doing so. Sorry about that :/ If anything, i guess i can test it with bots on a pretty slow machine.
  22. xvertigox

    Request Megawad suggestions.

    Requiem Kama Sutra Scythe Icarus Hell Revealed Alien Vendetta BTSX E1 Ancient Aliens Eviternity + hundreds more. Check out the Cacowards and the 25 Years of Doom feature. You should consider using Doom Launcher so you can tag your wads for ease of use.
  23. 22_deathgrip

    Request Megawad suggestions.

    Hi. Recently replayed Doom 1 and 2, which I hadn't done for about 10 years. I'm working my way through TNT Evilution now, Plutonia is next. I'd like to burn through all the good Megawads that have accumulated over the years, that are TNT or Plutonia or above in quality. I'm not so much against individual maps, but unless there is a mod to string individual maps together its not the way I would prefer to play one large bunch of maps in a session. Thanks in advance.
  24. Rhebiz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    What does it look like in 3d?
  25. Devilofdoom

    Test Build of New Map

    As it turns out, the map runs fine in GzDoom if you run this along side it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/cq2rbq56nfy5e5g/skulltag_dt_1_3.pk3
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