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  2. Noiser

    the baron in doom eternal is called a "fire baron"

    If there is any inspiration, I think it comes from this guy: I know, not an official source. Still, they share the same concept.
  3. I tried everything (wireless mouse, corded mouse, keyboard only, mouse accel on/off) havnt tried tdrr's post. I'm going to try out pixel eaters motion blur right now, but if it makes it worse, guess im retiring (im falling asleep all the time here) but if all goes well... I guess a donation for all ur hard work suggestions :)
  4. First of all does Knightrider post around here? Anyways for those who may already know, "Legend of the Black Sun" is a midi that plays in slaughtermaps like in New Gothic Movement and a few other maps which is one of the most longest midi track in existence which I've been wondering, what's the story behind that song and what does "Legend of the Black Sun" actually mean and more importantly, if the song had lyrics I wonder it'll look like? Also I wonder if that song that long is even performable at all?
  5. jamondemarnatural

    Launchers or how to set multiples wads on Ubuntu.

    Thanks! This one works like a charm!
  6. Maser


    The cool thing about the Plutonia secret levels is there's no ridiculous bullshit you have to do to find the secret exit. It's almost like that IWAD wants you to find them levels. ;)
  7. I feel like Dusk's double barrel could compete with Doom's, but that could be chalked up to the fact that the SSG was most likely an inspiration for it (Dusk's double barrelled).
  8. Tuckymonster

    textures in PK3

    but when nevander said what does he mean?
  9. GoatLord

    Will there ever be a decent 3D model pack?

    You still have the problem of it bring lit only by ambient light, and only dynamic lights provide any contrast.
  10. 42PercentHealth

    Doom Streams

    Continuing through Eternal Slumber Party: https://www.twitch.tv/42percenthealth
  11. ZeroMaster010

    Crispy Doom 5.5.2 (Update: April 1st, 2019)

    show player coords needs to be marked as TAS or a cheat to make this clear.
  12. Lila Feuer

    Adding 'loose' games to Doomsday (2.1.1)

    Shortcut command line works like a charm, TY!
  13. "SI6IL" can sorta work as replacement for "SIGIL" in upper-case, but in lower-case, it's "si9il" that would be visually closer to "sigil" Sisixil, surely?
  14. Just got confirmation that my beast box is ready to ship.
  15. Today
  16. Tango

    Will there ever be a decent 3D model pack?

    that baron does indeed look fantastic. if someone ported over all the doom monsters into quake with that quality, I would start mapping for quake in a heartbeat. to mod for a game where you can just use models for new animations, instead of having to sprite them, would be fantastic
  17. Seems like a pretty bizarre feature to me. As long as it remains optional I'm ok.
  18. Gez

    textures in PK3

    The map format has zero relevance. What matters is the port. GZDoom will accept textures from a textures folder in a pk3 regardless of map format; Chocolate Doom will not load a pk3 at all.
  19. DynamiteKaitorn

    My First Doom Mappack

    Not fully sure if this was meant to be played in Chocolate DooM or not but I crashed when attempting to play MAP02. These are the glitches I have noted so far for MAP01:
  20. Black Star

    What are you listening to?

    This came out today and I can't possibly be any happier holy fucking shit
  21. unpleasantmarine

    textures in PK3

    no. they do not have to be udmf to add a texture step 1 add a folder in the pk3 called textures step 2 put textures in there step 3 if you dont want to use udmf i think you have to select all the images and right click > add to texturex (it will ask you to make a lump, click textures and repeat step 3) this is all from memory
  22. Andromeda


    Plutonia is always worth a replay, I'd say Go 2 It!
  23. Rathori

    Will there ever be a decent 3D model pack?

    That is one skinny baron of hell. I like the style and the execution quality, though--IMO it would fit into Quake quite well.
  24. Papaga

    Containment Area v1.1

    A decent tribute map with a good pace and combat constant. But it started to feel pretty samey after a while, with neverending crates and mostly flat lighting throughout. And I would appreciate bigger weapons if it's going to be Mancubus -> Mancubus -> Mancubus -> Archvile the entire time. It takes way too long to kill them with a shotgun and it isn't challenging enough to justify that. That one crusher spot was also complete bullshit; there's a small pit with corpses to warn you of it, but if you look down from the ledge above to see it, the ceiling will instantly trap you and drain all your health.
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