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  2. Maybe it's a regional thing, or maybe you ordering the beast box magically complicated the shipping and delayed it. Well, hopefully we'll get more info on standard boxes next week. And beast box shipment the next. I'll say it, we'll get to play SIGIL in june.
  3. I ordered both and haven't gotten the notification for either yet.
  4. Honestly, I'm beginning to regret that I ordered the beast box... Maybe I could have a confirmation by now if I ordered a standard box...
  5. Smight

    Memento Mori 1 Map 28 aka Beast Wad

    If I get 100 % secrets and kills by saving I will still feel fulfilled on my accomplishment
  6. boris

    Non Euclidian Hallways

    Boom silent teleports are an option, as Kira said, but you'll get way more convincing results with using portals. See attached map for a simple example. noneuclidean.zip
  7. fraggle

    A perspective on morality as a duality

    The Duality of Violence: Meditation on a Can of Pineapple Chunks Our western society holds itself to be the pinnacle of civilisation, the forefront of the human species, and this notion of civilisation is rooted in the suppression of our violent and tribalistic nature. There can be no greater example of this than the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact, the international treaty that made wars of aggression illegal and that laid the groundwork for post-World War II founding of the United Nations. And yet the seemingly humble can of pineapple chunks shows the hypocrisy on which this notion is founded. Native to South America, pineapples are the enduring symbol of western colonialism and the land conquered by the Europeans beginning in the 17th Century. In the canned fruit aisle of every western supermarket sits this trophy of colonial victory over the Incan civilisation. Pineapple chunks are the perfect metaphor for western genocide: trees are subjugated, their fruits harvested and violently crushed to satisfy the needs of the white man. The remains from this violence are casually packaged, labeled and sold as a commodity for us to enjoy. The modern American supermarket with its opulent selection of imported goods may seem like the perfect example of the superiority of modern civilisation, but that appearance belies the truth of a colonial empire built on violence and death. Where is the morality in a can of pineapple chunks? There is perhaps no greater example of this than the so-called Hawaiian pizza, a nexus of colonialist attitudes. Hawaii, an island enslaved for over a century to American economic interests, gives its name to a dish built on cultural appropriation of Italian cuisine. Pineapple chunks form the central and most distinctive ingredient of the controversial dish, the crown of a symbol of American empire. Crushed into chunks by the wheel of American industry, the pineapple harvest reveals the inexorable hypocrisy in the idea of any coherent concept of modern morality.
  8. Dimon12321

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    After 3 weeks, Back to Saturn X E1: Get Out Of My Stations is finally done! DSDA, look here! This is a full UV-Speed TAS, done in 32:46: 24btsx3246.zip All necessary info is included in the text file inside this archive. I would like to create a separate thread to catch more attention, but I hope everyone, who is interested in TAS movies, will eventually discover my work. From Ukraine with love =)
  9. Immorpher

    Post your Doom 64 picture

    I really like seeing people making more maps for Doom 64! I particularly like the Doom 64 Retribution source port, but I think it doesn't have all of the custom lighting options that D64 mappers like (I think).
  10. Seidolon

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Manor - 7 Level Hub

    I tested it out on all difficulties for each class. The problem might be that I mostly resorted to using my first weapon on weak enemies like ettins, even when I had mana. That is how I always played the original game. Also, you mentioned earlier using the unpowered axe when out of mana. Surprisingly, the gauntlets are actually more powerful than an unpowered axe, so knowing that might make it easier. Either way, there will be more mana in V2.
  11. Kira

    Non Euclidian Hallways

    I didn't look into the contest, but I assume you can do this easily with Boom's silent teleporter action.
  12. Jaska

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Sounds like a good idea too!
  13. whatup876

    If the new series is a sequel to Doom 64...

    If they bring back the Mother Demon, i hope most of her original details are kept in her new design. That weird spine of her, dislocating from her back to the outside along with her internal organs is one of the scariest parts of her design and that works to make her terrifying . And also, possible glory kill potential.
  14. z_bill

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    + Abysm: Dawn of Innocence by jazzmaster9 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/103601 New here & was surprised no one seemed to mention this one yet. It totally reworks how Doom plays, making it a medieval more seamless world with a city hub. Thought it deserved a nod!
  15. MetalDoomGuy

    Non Euclidian Hallways

    So I've tried looking this up, but after watching Vinesauce Joel's doom mapping contests, I want to know how to pull off the Non Euclidian Hallways effect multiple wads have had in this contest, how is this possible, and or how do I do it???
  16. yakfak

    Theresa May resigns as British PM

    im worried the next dumbass conservative PM will be better at flattery and get the worst possible brexit voted through this should really trigger an actual election cos everything's a huge mess having boris johnson or michael gove or some other dickens character step into the position doesn't do anything for anyone
  17. Tracking still not working for me. The email says that you should check asendia if the tracking number starts with an “A”, which it does. After I enter the tracking number on their site, it displays an (almost) empty box that only says “Shipment Facts:” and “Postal Tracking#”.
  18. Сhaingunner

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Nice idea! I had been doing something similar in my doom e2 replacement in progress about month ago. But i used sprites as shadows. :D
  19. Graf Zahl

    ZScript: remove actor

    Actually quite simple: "light.Destroy();"
  20. OldDoomMapper

    ZScript: remove actor

    Hello all, maybe a silly question... My zscript explosion actor spawns a dynamic light in this way: ExplosionLight = PointLight(Spawn("PointLight")); and manipulate it during the explosion itself. Than the explosion sequence comes to an end, but the light is still there... How can I remove it? Yes, I could reduce the size to zero, or deactivate it, but many many explosions would fill the map of unused lights, and I fear this is not good. Thank you!
  21. Jaska

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    See this and be amazed! Easy way to implement midtexture shadows to a wall. How I haven't thought this ages ago! Has it's issues but now I'm using this everywhere, heh. Or not.
  22. Today
  23. JPL

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    TNT.WAD defines its own versions of these switch textures by the same name. Incidentally, my WadSmoosh program renames and replaces these Final Doom specific textures, so the Neural Upscale mod works fine alongside them with no changes needed.
  24. JonaG

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E4M2s nomo in 0:07 e4m2so789.zip
  25. JonaG

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Fuct by Ian G. Myers MAP02 UV-Pacifist in 0:07 fuct02p797.zip
  26. JonaG

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Doom 2 map 17 nomo in 0:59 lv17o059.zip
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