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  2. Spectre01

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    The worst malware I got was around 9 years ago after downloading an older version of Zoom video player, of all things. It was from a regular looking website too. Kept redirecting my browser to some destination whenever I tried any URL, but my NoScript was at least keeping the page from running anything. Couldn't remove it with my Anti-Virus nor SpyBot, which I had at the time. Think I used another PC to download MalwareBytes, move it over to the infected one, and that got rid of it.
  3. xxWeNxx

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    I used to download a lot of malware on my first laptop, 7 years ago when I didn't know anything about internet. I wish Arch-Vile Malware didn't exist.
  4. holaareola

    Epic Games Store, and the "exclusive" wars.

    I see the point on fragmentation, but it's good to have some competition. I think the 30% cut Steam takes is indefensible. If they don't make the leap into streaming this model might be declining soon enough anyway. I just hope the model that comes with the streaming era will be more Netflix than Spotify.
  5. Kira

    a actual doom moblie game

    I didn't fall for it. Walking toward the setting sun while epic music plays out and everyone looks at me with a mix of concern and awe.
  6. Kira

    First Wad: Hell Gate

    That's because you are testing with ZDoom and the behavior is different than the compat you are working in. It happens with Doom 2 engine behavior (complevel 2 on something like PrBoom+). Since your audience is likely going to play and speedrun using PrBoom/PrBoom+, it's a good idea to playtest with it. Though the board members here are already doing the bug hunting I guess :P Same applies for floating items. Things don't behave the same way outside of ZDoom, which explains the discrepancy between your experience and mine.
  7. I distinctly remember that it said that the packages for European customers would be sent from Ireland. Now the non-working tracking information seems to indicate that my package is shipped from the USA making the whole thing even more expensive.
  8. Getting close to finishing the geometry for Map18, then lots of work on gameplay. Aiming for end of the week for the map to be finalized. Here's a screenshot, love a good vista despite the limitations best efforts to stop me.
  9. Today
  10. I do agree that success is generally a combination of both hard work and sheer luck. I would argue cases where it's just one or the other are very much the exception to the rule. Oh, and raw talent. You have to factor that in as well. I don't agree, however, that this has anything to do with esoteric, superstitious nonsense like the law of attraction. In Jimmy's case, Doomkid's assessment is spot on: Jimmy's got plenty of talent and hard work to show for, but luck did factor in as well. Luck by itself is never enough, but it usually factors in. That's how reality is. I don't have much new to contribute regarding Sigil. I'm happy to wait as long as I have to, I've got plenty of things to do in the meantime. As for the quality of the WAD itself, well, I don't expect Romero to put out a Sunlust, an Ancient Aliens or an Eviternity (I never would have, not at this point), but I have no doubt that whatever he produced will be worth checking out.
  11. ReaperAA

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Check the saturation settings in display options of GZdoom. Its supposed to be a 1.0 by default. But by looking at your screenshots, it might be accidentally set to -1.0 or something. Alternately, if it is already set to 1.0, try setting it to -1.0 and see if it helps.
  12. kb1

    PrBoom+ - ssg bug

    I would preface everything by asking you to make sure you know what you're getting into. Programming is a life-long battle, where you're constantly learning and progressing. It's not for everyone. It takes a certain mindset. Particularly, an insanely sharp focus, and, almost a stubbornness. The computer doesn't care how difficult something is, and it absolutely will only do what you want, if you explicitly tell it exactly how to do it :) On the other hand, it's massively rewarding when you actually get something working! As far as which code to use: The C language can be unforgiving, but one nice thing is that it has very few keywords, so you can jump in and get started rather quickly. It's pretty easy to figure out the syntax. It's like Doom: Easy to learn, difficult to master. Here's what I suggest: Find the simplest Doom port that you can get to compile. This can be harder than it sounds, because you have to find a development environment and compiler that can read the source port's code, and compile it without errors. This is complicated further by libraries (pre-built or pre-compiled portions of code, like sound and music code, network code, etc.). Libraries are code modules that generally you don't modify - you download them and use them as-is. You may need to ask the developers exactly what tools are needed to compile their source. Try to start with a simple, more vanilla port. These tend to be smaller, and less complicated, which is better for learning. Often, you will find that you can upgrade portions of your code, using code from other source ports. Post-compile Once you get a port to compile: Smile! This is when it starts to get interesting! Make a backup of everything, by copying it to another folder. Name the folder "MyPort_2019-05-22", using yyyy-mm-dd format (because it sorts perfectly). Get used to doing this after every significant change. Don't worry about the hard-drive space. When you need to revert some badly-working code, you NEED it! Run the port, and learn what it can do, and what it doesn't do. Go to p_enemy.c, into one of the monster functions. Change a number of something you understand (like damage amount). Create a log file, and mark this change. Include what you changed it from, what you changed it to, why you changed it, and what the effect was. Get used to doing this ALL THE TIME. You'll need it later, trust me. Compile it, run it, and see your change in action! You've just programmed Doom! (Now, put it back!) What's next, short term? Go buy a good book on C (Yes, a physical book, not an online course.) You can read the book on the crapper, in bed, on the bus, etc. Also, check out online resources. Compare your source to the original Linux distro. Also, compare your source to other source ports. Try to understand the changes that have been made, why they were made, and what the changes do. What's next, long term? Write down a handful of goals for your port. These should be realistic, attainable, tangible goals. Don't write "Make Doom awesome" - that's useless. A good example: "Make fireballs translucent." Another goal: "Add look up/look down via y-shearing". Here's a good one: "Make an option that fixes the bad collision detection." I can't stress this enough: To be able to learn programming, you must have a set of goals to accomplish. You must have specific needs - these will drive the direction of your learning. Instead of having to learn everything, for now, you just have to figure out: how do draw translucently, how to get your port to load a translucency table, how to write new drawing code that will draw your new fireballs. Knowledge builds upon knowledge, and necessity is the mother of all invention. And, sure, you can find the code to draw translucent in many source ports. But each one does it a bit differently. PrBoom+ uses a 64k translucent lookup table. ZDoom uses a bizarre 8k table, with a color pre-sort algorithm that allows colors to be "added" together quickly. It's okay to "borrow" translucency code, or any other code. It takes programming skill to be able to add code from other ports. You will learn something from it. Of course, you should try to understand the code you add. If you break your code, you can always go back to a previous version. Work slowly, and thoroughly, and do your best to avoid frustration. Rome was not built in a day. What's cool is that you'll be learning a skill, and possibly building a career, working on something you love! Pretty cool, huh? And, because it's Doom, you can get plenty of ideas and help right here in the forums. Give it a shot, and see if you can handle it (again, it's not for everyone, which is okay. QuakeC is pretty neat stuff. But, it's only for Quake, so it has limited application. You're better off learning a standard language, I think. My port? It's...unreleased, which means that, currently, it doesn't do anything :) Based on your question, I'd clarify as follows: KBDoom aims to be *able* to provide a vanilla experience, as for this to be the basis upon which everything else is built. You should be able to turn off all custom features, and be left with a completely vanilla game. However, the port provides heavy modding capabilities, with the ultimate goal to provide those capabilities in a way that is easy for other ports to adopt. So, strong points: Vanilla/Boom/MBF demo-level compatibility Performance Mod support Compatible extensions Strong SP/Coop/DM Internet play P2P and CS networking Big focus on fun It's always been about fun - fun to play, fun to code. And, yeah, I have my own vision of what I want out of Doom. I'm big on player options, so I imagine a lot of other people will like it too, if I can ever get back to it, that is. So, yeah, get in there and hack up a mod, and I'll check it out :) Have fun!
  13. Awesome work but the highlighted areas could use just a bit of detail.
  14. Doomkid

    a actual doom moblie game

    noun a decorative structure that is suspended so as to turn freely in the air.
  15. seed

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    Yes, when I was a kid and a filthy pirate. I used to download all sorts of stuff and thus infected my potato with all kinds of viruses, primarily trojans. I didn't know how to use a PC at first either (at the very beginning I had like 4 AV software installed so... ), but I have not had problems in years after that, because I'm a lot more careful at what I download and what pages I visit.
  16. Doomkid

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    LOL that’s actually a great comparison! Viruses were more “jokey” back then, from the ones that set out to fuck you to the near-harmless. Now it’s much more cold and utilitarian, to steal your details or access your funds or whatever else without you knowing. Not that I miss them, fuck all viruses and may any programmer of viruses be launched into the sun - There’s an element of nostalgia there though!
  17. I need to play/finish 404. I really liked what I was seeing in the first few maps.
  18. CyberDreams

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    reminds me of this
  19. You are most welcome. I want that hotel map something fierce! You have real talent, hands down.
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  21. Doomkid

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    Back when I was somewhere between 7 and 10 years old I got a virus that had a picture of some angry Mexican cartoon man telling some shit in Spanish (no audio, just in the picture) and waving his finger at me if I recall correctly.. I don’t know what it was doing malicious if anything, the window would just move when you tried to close it or ctrl-alt-delete it. I just moved the window down below the start menu after I got it and it didn’t seem to affect anything. A couple months went by and my dad noticed it and somehow took care of it, but it still stands out in my memory. Years later, in about 2006-2007, my computer data became corrupted and caused me to lose everything, which wouldn’t have mattered too much since it was basically just wads, images and MP3s, but it fucked over a project i had made 10 maps for. The most recent backup id made to another PC only had 5 of those maps saved, so I just said to hell with it. From the wreckage of that project came UAC Rebellion, actually.
  22. That's how i read it as too. Same. TBH, i was going through so much shit in my life (and i still am) that i don't think i even knew about it until after the pre-order time was over. I remember finding this thread and reading through quite a few pages just to catch up on current events, so i'm pretty sure that it was over by then. At least it'll be released for free and with some great MIDI music to boot :) The only physical Doom related PC game that i have are the two Sybex v1.25 shareware floppies that are still sealed in my copy of the Doom Survivor's Strategies & Secrets guide but i don't want to open them haha! Hopefully Romero does something like this for Doom II. If he does, i'm totally buying whatever it is!
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