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  2. seed

    Random Video Thread

  3. GoatLord

    my doom fan art submission.

    "Fan art" can, I suppose, be stretched to include palette swaps/alterations, but what is your motivation? The color choices look arbitrary and the shaded areas are bright. Why? And what are you submitting to?
  4. Yeah when playing with a Vanilla style gameplay mod, it would be nice to have that option to turn off the meaty sound effect, otherwise it works well with everything else. About the corpses though, I was reading that it would take zscript to make it so they are gibbable, and that would not be compatible with Zandronum unfortunately. If it was possible through DECORATE, then he might be able to work that in.
  5. blackgoblinmagic

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    Im sorry but. ...the reason Id would even release these photos...its becouse the gates that look like are from Seraphime or Night sentine world...it obviously arer no more becouse eaten by hell..Those gates are deffenetly same and the art is entitled Hell gate.Im positive the the big fight in Eternal is Samuel and dark priests agains Dark Saraphim entities. The big hell place from Eternal concept with chained titans is entitled Tower of Babel witch is original Doom final map...i get it.The myth is abaut tower to heaven... ~ to say the lore is gonna be epic is a serious understatement... ...just sayn...sorry.
  6. Today
  7. Rince-wind

    Random Image Thread

  8. There's one that replaces everything with Revenants.
  9. pcorf

    my doom fan art submission.

    Looks like a boss in a SNES game.
  10. Nevander

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Truly in "things" mode.
  11. Gustavo6046

    [MIDI album] A Spark of Mind

    Thank you, buddy! I kinda wanted to wash away the bad reputation I had earned with the bad tracks I used to post. In the end, I'm just glad it makes people happy ^^
  12. Walter confetti

    What are some of the weirdest DeHackEd (DEH) files you've come across?

    No, not at all. Neither with the newer version for Dehacked works, Whacked2, you can't do that! You can do that only with mapinfo lump, I guess... Back on topic, I think the craziest Dehacked file i've seen so far is the one used for The Sky May be... Also another file I remember i've seen on a showelware disk i have is this one that make shots imps rockets and other crazy things back from 1994 / 1995 and personally I made a thing that used the icon of sin explosion for the rocket explosion, creating an awesome explosion of Michael Bay proportions lol
  13. Zulk RS

    ProJared's career is over.

    This reminds me something Rabindranath Tagore said. "We are annoyed at the sea for being salty and undrinkable but who knows, maybe it's saltiness is what's keeping the planet and everyone on it, fresh." (Paraphrased and translated) About what Jared said most recently, I'd be willing to believe him if it was just the cheating. I don't condone cheating and I definitely don't support being a dick to your spouse. However, people aren't perfect and being a fan of his channel for a while, I'd be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and look past this. What irks me about his recent tweet is that he failed to address the biggest accusation: Soliciting nudes from minors. He comes out with the statement about the allegations but fails to even mention the nudes. Even if something was keeping him from saying anything about that, a "I'm sorry but for reasons I cannot go into, I am unable to say anything about the nudes" would have been better (not good, mind you) than ignoring the thing entirely. Beyond this, I also feel a few things off about Jared's whole statement. He keeps saying stuff about privacy and whatnot but if that was really the case, I personally don't see any reason to post the original news of the divorce on twitter and to block Heidi. Also if he wasn't cheating with Holly, why doesn't she say anything? Again, there may be an explanation to this but I just don't have it. Overall, I'm... not really buying Jared's story.
  14. Wereknight

    i need some freedoom levels

    Search for "Distress call" on /idgames
  15. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Cybercontrol -Respawn demos Map 01 in 0:32 - cybercon01re32.zip Map 02 in 0:56 - cybercon02re56.zip Map 05 in 0:42 - cybercon05re42.zip Map 06 in 1:15 - cybercon06re115.zip Map 08 in 2:17 - cybercon08re217.zip Map 09 in 2:35 - cybercon09re235.zip I couldn't actually open the exit on map 09 because of the respawns so I had to vile jump into it, and the viles were not exactly targeting me when i wanted them to.
  16. Doom_Dude

    my doom fan art submission.

    Place that beauty in a level with the same color scheme....
  17. Saw this in a twitch chat I believe SyncError: QuakeCon London is a Doom Eternal hands on, and a stream viewing party for the Qcon keynote and tournament streams.
  18. elmle

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    A Couple TNT Nomo100s because bob ev09os140.zip ev17os57.zip ev28os115.zip ev29os136.zip ev31os148.zip ev32os216.zip
  19. Eyy! That worked! Thank a lot dude. ^^ It doesn't display the keys, but it does respond to them, and that's good enough for me! :D Btw... If I may be so bold, I think you should consider merging your source-code with ECWolf, and thereby adding powerful modding tools to your build! = )
  20. crazyflyingdonut

    Carmageddon sound problems

    Hi, I recently bought Carmageddon Max Pack on Steam. The game seems to run very well, but for some reason, after a specific amount of time, all audio (that includes music and sound) will come to a halt, all of a sudden. It's driving me nuts. I tried Googling about it and I got nothing. So I decided to ask you guys. Why? I don't know, you guys are the only ones that actually talk to me. Some information: I wear Bluetooth headphones because I prefer wireless things over things with wires, because I hate wires because my room is like a jungle of wires. I really don't need any more wires, thank you very much. I'm wondering if the fact that my headphones are Bluetooth is the reason why this is happening, my Bluetooth headphones have caused problems with other games before.
  21. Maximum Matt

    what should be my background for my pc?

    Doom shirt, cargo pants, space boots and rocket launcher
  22. Is there a way to remove the sound effect for when you shoot a enemy with red blood? It makes the gibbing sound effect whenever you score a hit, the monster colored blood doesn't have this problem. Also corpses don't gib, I really wish they would.
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