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  2. Hey guys The US Quake Community will be hosting our weekly Wednesday night deathmatch event on AeonDM. Last week was Greenwar and we had a blast but this week we will go a little more modern. You can join our Discord with this link https://discord.gg/z8VxVs8 USQC DM 5/22/18 8PM CST 9PM Eastern 6PM Pacific Zandronum [USQC] Classic DM |
  3. spaztacus

    Madworld - Single player wad

    So, I'm not trying to be mean, but what is this? I couldn't get the map to load, so I went to Doom Builder and launched it there. I get this is going to be bigger at some point, but this isn't really even in a testing phase yet. I'll tell you somethings I did like. There is some effort in adding designs here which is nice. Baseboard type things and some small walls for detail. Maybe work on some more rooms before asking for feedback. There just isn't enough here yet. My other suggestion is maybe doing a couple of small, finished (able to be completed) maps to get the hang of mapping. Trying to do a big map can get daunting. Take your overall idea and put together 2-3 small maps to get the hang of design and flow. I'm not trying to put you down or dissuade you at all. Please, let me know when you've got some more in here and I will happily play test it.
  4. Today
  5. Squize

    First Wad: Hell Gate

    Looks good. I'll check it out tomarow
  6. I wished Romero could drop some extra contents during this whole "parturition" of the Sigil release. something to make up for all these delays... a new map, or exclusive unseen goodie, or whatever :\
  7. There are some technical aspects that would drive the possibilities. I haven't really thought it through, but let me present my initial ideas on this: You have your basic, soft, slow tempo track which is the default music. This plays at the start of the level, at the end of the level, and inbetween any "action". The engine itself has a metric that it regularly updates, in some method as of yet not determined, but essentially is a measure of the level of excitement being experienced by the player. It could be number of monsters visible, maybe combined with average number of shots fired, etc. Let's call it ExcitementLevel, 1 to 3, where 1 = boring, and 3 = a massive fight taking place :) Let's say that this default song is, maybe 4 minutes long, with various repeating sections (chorus, verses, bridge, etc.) The engine would have some knowledge of the structure of the song, and the engine would have some way to detect which section of the song was playing. Now, instead of having 1 song, imagine having 3 songs with the same number and position of bridges, choruses, etc. On each transition from verse to chorus, or maybe after each bar, there's an opportunity to switch from the slow "boring" song, to the "exciting", or the "crazy fight" song at the proper section. Each song could have a different tempo, but would have to be in a comparable key, to allow smooth transition from one song fragment to the other. Basically, this should allow you to have smooth transitions from ExcitementLevel 1 to level 2 or 3, and back again, in a way that sounds completely natural, without missing a beat. Do you think you could compose a triple song like this, complete with the data stream needed by the engine to identify the location of the music player within the song? And, does this sound interesting to you? I think the ability to dynamically transition the music would add a whole new depth to Dooming! I'm no composer, but I can probably throw together a couple of convincing demos to showcase the technology. I just wanted to get your thoughts on the matter, and be able to access your "ExcitementLevel" :) So, to you a "hobby" is a non-serious work, and, somehow you think answering to yourself is a lesser responsibility than answering to an employer. I, for one, take *all* work that I do seriously. And, if I share my work, yes, I am responsible for it. In fact, that's my reputation on the line. That's why your definition sucks. Jimmy is obviously very serious about his "hobby", and that's why his "hobby" is every bit as prestigious as any career. And if someone values his work, by definition they place a value upon his work. If the listener and the creator can agree on terms that both parties see as valuable, then a transfer of value is in order. And, if doing so allows Jimmy to continue to generate the media for which value transfer makes sense, then, yeah, please support your favorite content creators. And, don't try to belittle their accomplishments by calling them "hobbies", because a hobby is just a job where you don't get paid. If something is worth listening to, by definition, it has worth, therefore half a transaction has taken place. By supporting, you're providing a space for creators like Jimmy to continue generating worth. It's the right thing to do. Again, you're making an assumption that "hobby work" is of less worth. Legos? Seriously? Quit while you're ahead. "Plane constructor"? Who says his plane is any good? You're arguing for the sake of arguing, and you're not very good at it." Is arguing your "hobby"? I don't even know what you're trying to say...
  8. Romero designed my childhood: it arrived 3 years late, I had trouble getting my buddies to follow me around, and I had to find a gem everytime I wanted to go to the bathroom
  9. amazing stuff man, loving those graphics! I hope I won't have any botherings playing some of this when everything will be ready for us :p
  10. obake

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    A few more reviews: Melting Point by Sudo459 This map is sufficiently difficult to be from TNT, that is for sure. I really like the opening area, with the various choice of teleporters, and lots of zombiemen milling around. The cramped room with the elevator to the supershotgun is definitely in the style of Evilution. There are, however, a few notable bugs. The first is that there are two HOMS, one from the platform that raises to the alcove with the first archvile. The second is from the door that closes behind the player in the room they fall into that has the lava pit (the room is the one where there is a line of knights and a baron.) This room also has a MAJOR bug, in that the pillars only open from the side inaccessible to the player. I was having fun for the first half of this map, but the second, not as much. That second room with the pillars that rise up and down over the pit of lava, while similar to something from TNT, is a massive pain (the first is not so bad.) Overall, not one of my favorite maps, but honorable. TNT similarity: 7/10 Pitchfork by Soundblock Dead link. The Divide by Soundblock Dead link. Substructure by Rottking This map has a lot going for it, from crisp design, to neat effects such as the lowering of the entire first area. Plus good use of Arachnotrons, who are given plenty of space to roam around. I feel Substructure is quite close to the spirit of TNT. TNT similarity: 8/10
  11. spaztacus

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    This map looks and feels great. Love the atmosphere. And those cavern, rocks, lava sections are awesome. MY only gripe is the first couple of areas. Just felt really slow to me. I got tired of punching stuff and limiting to only the fists limited the amount of monsters. For all that space, there wasn't a whole lot of action. It does pick up at the end though. All around, impressive work
  12. DMPhobos

    What are you listening to?

    I've been looking forward to sigil in a few weeks hehe
  13. Logs

    First Wad: Hell Gate

    It is Doom 2. Thanks for your interest in the wad!
  14. xvertigox

    First Wad: Hell Gate

    The map format. Is it Doom 2, Boom or UDMF? You can see this when you open the map in Doom Builder (in the drop down).
  15. In one sentence, it effectively implements a new W1/S1 trigger in vanilla that activates an arbitrarily timed sequence of vanilla line W* actions.
  16. HavoX

    doom 6:portal of doom

  17. EndHack

    New id weapons look the same

    it looks to me like some may have been based on one another to save time and money at bethesda but they are all still largely different
  18. xvertigox

    First Wad: Hell Gate

    Interesting screens, I''ll be checking this out tonight. Is this a boom map?
  19. i didn't tried it, it is just a thought. but just subtracting from sRGB already gives results with wrong gamma, so maybe doing subtractions in linear color space will get better results? i.e. convert sRGB to linear, darken it, convert back to sRGB, and use color cube distance to find a match.
  20. Tango

    Paradise (looking for testers for v2!)

    cheers mate, that would be awesome. most recent version is in this thread:
  21. Bridgeburner56

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    Nope Nope nope nope Noooooope Nope
  22. Did this help? Doom's palette is pretty highly specialized for Doom's art. Theoretically, Hexen's palette should be superior to all the others, and, in some ways it is. Hexen's palette *is* superior, as far as providing coverage for random images, as it provides an even spread amongst all possible colors...but that's also its weakness - it's the jack of all trades. You start out with a space of 256 colors, which is not a lot. But, it's even worse than that, because you don't really have 256 unique colors - you have some very bright colors, but you also have to have darkened versions of those colors. In fact, that's what COLORMAP does - for each of the 256 PLAYPAL colors, COLORMAP provides a remapping of those colors to 32 darker levels of those colors, picked from that original 256. It's difficult to explain. When you have smoothly-darker versions of your bright colors, things look pretty good in dark rooms. Doom's COLORMAP does pretty good with some of the colors, and pretty bad with others. Pinkies turn brown very quickly as the room gets darker, for example. But, one of Doom's strong points is that it doesn't try to support the whole spectrum of colors possible. Instead, it's specialized to Doom's specific art: Lots of dark reds, army greens, tans, lot's of grey, etc. Hexen's palette, on the other hand, has an even spread across the color spectrum, meaning that it can good fairly well with any arbitrary image, but it cannot handle diminshed light quite as well as Doom can (with Doom art). Now, if you adjusted Doom's resources to use Hexen's colors, it can probably end up looking pretty good. Colors *are* hard - you're right about that! And, I've experienced the same ambiguity with color matching. However, there's one area where proper color matching can make a huge improvement with COLORMAP generation: Per-color range, specialized diminished light calculations. What I mean is this: Using a different formula for each of Doom's color ranges: One for reds, one for greens, etc. I've found that Doom colors *always* go wrong when you try to use one single formula for calculating diminished light: When you get the greens right, the blues fail. Fix the blues, and yellow starts to look green. It's always a mess. But, using one formula for blues, one for reds, one for greens, etc.? Honestly, I haven't put in enough research yet, but I know that I can tweak the formula to get some of the colors to look good, and then, I can use a different formula and fix the other colors. When I get some time, I am going to experiment with this. I cannot prove it, but I *know* that there's a lot of room for improvement, and I believe using multiple formulas is the way to go. Now, I'm talking about a COLORMAP that is *identical* to vanilla, all the way down to, say, 128 light. Then, from 128 down to 0, per-color range formulas, specialized to keep the color hues in the same range, as much as possible, all the way to black. We should be able to do a whole lot better. I think it hasn't really been done before, because: Using multiple formulas is complicated, and it takes a long time to get it right. Attempts to manually fix the colors involves manually adjusting *a lot* of colors. It must be done with software. Doom's palette is not arranged perfectly, which complicates the definition of "color range". I guess I'm going to have to devote some time and produce a demo or two.
  23. Logs

    First Wad: Hell Gate

    This is my first wad and upload to Doomworld. It is rather difficult, but still very possible! I took inspiration from megawads like Speed of Doom, HR, HR2, etc so I would make multiple saves along the way! There is no difference in difficulty settings currently. I tested the map in zdoom. Crouching, looking up and down, etc are not used. The map is on map 1 and uses Doom II. Feedback is encouraged and enjoy the map! HellGate.zip
  24. Doominator2

    doom 6:portal of doom

  25. elend

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This looks absolutely gorgeous.
  26. elend

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    Of course I was thinking about what could be done to make the map more playable on lesser systems, but it seems there is not much I can do. I could remove the whole 3D floor bridge thingy, since it doesn't really serve any gameplay purpose. But then, I could remove everything and make it vanilla compatible, then it'll run fine on a slower PC. And I don't really want to do that.
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