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  2. Doomkid

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    LOL thank you for finding this! I could have sworn he had a sombrero, but I guess my memory falsely added that detail in.. As a dumb kid I thought it was Spanish which is hilarious to me now since it's so obviously NOT Spanish. I don't remember it being quite so malicious either with taking away mouse control and whatnot but obviously I was wrong on that too!
  3. rdwpa

    New Map in WIP Project "Crossbearer" 5-21-19

    After reading the description, I couldn't resist taking a look at that one.
  4. Nice! The way he worded it made me think he meant he wanted to wait until a week after everyone received their box. I'm glad he meant he's waiting until people start receiving their boxes.
  5. seed

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    Get rid of AdBlocker, and AdBlock Plus for those who use it. Adblock Plus is particularly awful nowadays as it only blocks certain ads and allows others. Get uBlock Origin instead, smarter and blocks all ads. I've also had issues with Avast. It eventually glitched and I started seeing 3 processes running (which also caused my PC to hang on restart... ). After I moved to something else I realized what a resource hog it was as well. I wouldn't recommend it. Would definitely not recommend that either. MS made vast improvements to the built-in protection on W10 but MSE is terrible, I remember seeing statistics and the detection rate for malware was pretty awful. You're better using something else instead. Me too, Dan has some pretty fascinating stuff. "Old school" malware was pretty interesting (and destructive, see CIH), nowadays it's more concerned about making you pay the creators to regain access to your files than immediately wreak havoc everywhere.
  6. I asked him [John Romero] via email for this: His answer:
  7. CrbnBased

    Doom on mobile.

    I also would like to know this as well, turned it on in both Delta and Quad touch and haven't noticed a change.
  8. This is hardly why people are criticizing the store. Every couple of days they are on the frontpage of news and youtube with yet another big fuck up. Just fresh out of the oven includes the sale fuck up (Doesn't matter if they warned devs with a shitty message, an opt-out sale on pre-orders and games that never went on sale is just fucking stupid), and their huge respect for user info is getting traction today: Yes, they sent all info they had about a user to a wrong person somehow. Edit : Oh yea let's not forget that they'll BAN you from their own store if you buy too many games too quickly. Such as during their stupid sale.
  9. Maes

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    ^ Lol, that's in Turkish. But I guess any scary big-moustached dude must be Mexican to US eyes. The guy's simply saying something along the lines of "Hands off! You're that rat! Get out of the way! Who am I talking to? Let me out of here!"
  10. Got my tracking notification yesterday too. Looking forward to playing it when it arrives!
  11. CrbnBased

    Is there a way to play classical original doom games on android phones?

    Doom 1 and 2 aren't available on the app store as stand alone games. The apps that were linked above will only allow you to play Doom 1 and 2 if you own the PC version. If you have access to a desktop or laptop you can purchase the games in their original format, install them normally, find the files that hold just the game data (these are called iwads) and copy those to your phone. It sounds convoluted but this is the most legitimate way of getting Doom on your Android device. I would avoid any app that says it is the full game. Good luck in finding your wads and happy Dooming!
  12. Today
  13. jval

    How many classic Doom players are there today?

    We can count doomworld members :)
  14. Uni

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    Big fan of malware here, quite fascinated by it actually especially older MS-DOS viruses mainly because of their creativity but I've never been infected by malware ever since I bought my own computer back in 2003. @Doomkid Could it be this one perhaps? This channel is awesome by the way, I recommend it.
  15. Rimantas

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    It was our very first desktop PC bought in 2003 (Win XP, 96mb RAM, 1.26ghz CPU, 32mb vidcard "prosavage ddr" i think). Then we didn't have internet yet, so PC was safe with Quake II, Serious Sam encounters' sessions and some of my mom's work. Parents bought laptop with mobile modem in 2007, so in 2009, when i moved to city because of college, i took that oldie desktop with me. Finally it got first taste of internet. uTorrent, emule crashed everytime when DL speed reached 4-5MB/s. After small virus threat i installed Avira, but it made PC boot times to minimum 30 minutes! In early 2010 i was enough of that slow nightmare and uninstalled Avira. Days or weeks later it came... virus, that would create over hundred of processes named something like "0D93J6ER.EXE". After i kill some, new ones appear. I don't remember did i try to install antivirus again or not, but i remember i gave up on that PC.
  16. I always thought that USPS was strictly in the US until I ordered something from Amazon that was shipped from Hong Kong. I had no idea what kind of tracking number it was, so I asked the seller, and I was told it was shipped via USPS. The tracking number would did not work when entering it in the tracking section for USPS, though. It turns out it was shipped via USPS International. Packages shipped through USPS International can ship from countries other than the US, and they have their own tracking number system. I can't remember what I did to successfully track my package. On the USPS site, hover your mouse over "International" and paste your tracking number into the "Search or Enter a Tracking Number" field. If that doesn't work, try tracking it here: https://www.stamps.com//shipstatus/
  17. geo

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    Not in a decade. I do a malware and virus check every month, but for the most part I've uninstalled all antimalware and antivirus programs and I've been fine. Avast got very annoying after I recommended it for years to people. Other than that I just use MalwareBytes. With a lot of elderly people and kids in my family, I'm surprised they don't get malware or viruses either. You'd think they'd download something stupid or questionable that turns out to be a virus, but nope. A lot of the malware in the past came in email .exe's now they just don't. There are browser hijackers especially on imgur where you go from Imgur... and now you're on some different page telling me I have a virus. Wikia was impossible due to how the ads slowed everything. Metacritic is such an ad haven I'm shocked that it's the standard for reviews. I had to finally install AdBlocker... now AdBlocker is the annoyance, not the ads. It opens up a new window to let me know X has been destroyed, but if I go pro they'll have cloud backup for me! My aunt and uncle fell into a hell of a ransomeware a few years ago. It was quite entrenched. Prevented the PC from doing anything at all. All browsers went to their page for removal of the virus under the disguise of an antivirus. Changed their background wallpaper to an advertisement for the antivirus.
  18. Xyzzy01

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    The worst malware I ever got was on a flash drive, but I had no clue how it got there. Fortunately, all it did was make all my folders hidden and replace them with fake junk ones with the same names. I've also had one of those browser hijackers before, it looked like this: ...looks oddly familiar to me now that I think about it :P
  19. wesleyjohnson

    Doom Legacy 1.47.2 Release

    From the "Launcher" comment, I am going to assume it is some version of Windows. I also assume it is 1.47.2, as that is the latest version. Make sure to read the docs. All the setup instructions for various platforms are all in there. Also you need two download files. The executable download, and the support files download. Put them both in the same directory. Give doomlegacy its own directory. Do not put them in your home directory, access to home has been restricted for security reasons. You also need a wad file, like doom2.wad. The way to do it when you have problems is to get a console, and type in the executable name, along with parameters. First, cd to the executable directory, because that eliminates alot of possible problems. On Windows, output and error messages are shoved into the files stderr and stdout in the executable directory. Windows will not output them to the console like Linux does. I suggest first to test that it runs at all. >> doomlegacy --help To get to the built-in launcher, give it no parameters >> doomlegacy Then test what graphics you may ask for >> doomlegacy -game doom2 or >> doomlegacy -native and only later >> doomlegacy -opengl
  20. yakfak

    Epic Games Store, and the "exclusive" wars.

    i don't want a single hub or multiple hubs i wanna email individuals who have made their own games and send them money and i want that to be viable i want weird devs to have their own websites and not require intermediaries i bought baba is you and celeste and other stuff on steam cos that's how you buy them and insanely-creative indie stuff is worth supporting hypnospace outlaw is worth supporting but i'd rather all the money got to them and none went to the incredibly unimportant distributers people whose major gift to the world is a layer of frustration and a huge fucking planet destroying server farm send me a friggin .exe i love you and your game
  21. brandleesee

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    Hi, I am unsure whether this texture mod is loading correctly. I use a *.bat script which is the following: start gzdoom.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file mapsofchaos-ok.wad brutalv21.pk3 ColourfulHell97CCC.pk3 mutator_base0.0.2.pk3 fractal_mutation0.0.2.pk3 NeuralUpscale2x_v0.95.pk3 deepwater.pk3 -nomusic -fast -respawn Can you please check if the load order is correct in order to maximize neural upscale's effect? Thank you.
  22. I was under the impression that I read somewhere European orders will be send from Europe too. But clearly the mail says USPS. The non working tracking could mean that the packages are registered at USPS, but not physical there. At least I know something like that from DHL in Germany. Tracking Numbers from USPS are pretty useless here too, because the tracking ends when the package hit the custom office. Everything after that is not trackball. At least it was when I got my last delivery from the us.
  23. Bridgeburner56

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Been making more good progress on this map. Powered by OTEXTM
  24. Doom_Dude

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    Like Spectre01 mentioned, I've also had those annoying browser hijackers a couple times that would redirect you to some shitty site or you'd get a zillion pop-up ads all over your screen driving you crazy trying to get rid of them or it would make a bunch of tabs. Ahh the good olde days. I had a virus one time that I have no idea what it was doing other than making my PC slow as shit. I had to downgrab a removal tool and that nuked whatever it was. That was many years ago. I probably had more than that but I just don't remember.
  25. Khorus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @ketmar's k8VaVoom port has some fantastic lighting and shadows, really like what they do to some of the areas in my Strife project. Looking forward to more lighting options and tools for level designers.
  26. Avoozl

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    After using Avast for a long time I found that it allowed malware onto my current Windows 10 PC, because of this along with my dissatisfaction of Avast for a while before this happened for a number of other reasons I just stopped using it.
  27. Caffeine Freak

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    Had a few minor infections in 2009-2010 that were no big deal, as I was able to clean them up with the free versions of MalwareBytes and Spybot Search and Destroy. It was around 2010 or so that I moved over to Kaspersky, and was able to clean up some stuff that the other software had previously missed. The worst thing I ever had to deal with was a Rootkit in mid-2010 or so (I think) that locked up my keyboard when I tried to start my PC, and prevented my anti-virus software from even starting. I think I had to restart Windows in safe mode, boot up Kaspersky from there, and tinker with some different settings before I was able to restart Windows normally and run Kaspersky so that it could get rid of the damn thing. Pretty sure I haven't had any real headaches from malware since then. I'm generally pretty careful.
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