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  2. Rimantas

    My First Wad

    Very nice map, i couldn't say it's very first for author. You should fix Rocket Launcher room, if you get closed - you will not escape. Also i missed Arch-Viles.
  3. So, for my work as on this weeks im working with ubuntu 18.04 and need to know if there a simple way to get launchers or wads to play. I'm already installed 2 source ports, and can play the DOOM2.wad, but need to configure to runs multiple wads. Thanks for any help!
  4. Only just over a week from the US? That sounds too good to be true. Anytime I order anything from overseas, it takes anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive.
  5. Alter

    Reliving the End - RC2 (D2 Map29 Remake)

    Yo thanks for the feedback guys! I've received a lot on Steam/Discord as well. Here's the changelog for RC2: - Changed the start of the map to force the player into shooting (using the new placed chaingun) to trigger the initial trap. - Added more health right after the lift - Got rid of the raising monsters trap early on, the demons are active from get go and just swarm in when the gate is lowered - Added a new backpack secret early on - Gave the player more time to react in the raising/lowering platforms room by pushing the monsters further back (and making the raising floor turbo to avoid the player just walking into the raising monsters) - Fixed all the reported sequence breaks, especially the ones near the caco/pain fight. - You can no longer bail out easily out of the caco/pain fight. - Lift cyberdemon can no longer walk into the radsuit area - Fixed the damaging floors not being damaging, use that radsuit wisely! (added a second one just incase) - Added a second non-secret invulnerability sphere in the final fight on all difficulties - Fixed various misalignments. Main post has been updated with RC2 download.
  6. And I loved them. I don't mean it has to be strict to some rules. I just want to have fun like I had with the original. Nothing more or less. And Romero basically can't make unsatisfying maps can he ?
  7. e1m8b and e1m4b have shown that romero is, to some degree, willing to evolve his design rather than stick to only what he knew in 93'/94'
  8. memes4lyfe

    my doom fan art submission.

    yeah. i know right.
  9. By old-school I mostly meant loyal to the original way Romero designed the maps but if there was anything added it would be appreciated.
  10. the only reason there will be a seperate version for PrB+ and crispy users is that it's "olschool mapping", and not some advanced ZDoom, UDMF, whatever format, that can work only in GZDoom
  11. Hope it will be with an old-school mapping. I mean John Romero maps were always quite a maze.
  12. The Doommer

    How many classic Doom players are there today?

    I guess not all the players in doomworld are interested in the older dooms. Just saying IDK.
  13. The first links says that both editions are shipped now, while it seems that nobody who ordered the beast box got any mail with the tracking information.
  14. Today
  15. So would this mean all my games would be DRM free or would I just not have to open another launcher?
  16. plynthus

    Monster Randomizer - Vanilla Doom Plus

    Thank you for your help Bryan T! I believe what you suggested for me to do would work. The problem I have now is that I never added heretic monster decorates. I think they just are in zdoom by default. I only added sprites and sounds. Now I have no idea how to remove something from those decorates. I also tried adding it manually as sorcerer3, but the game wouldn't start anymore. Again if there's an easy fix, I would love to know. But it's not a huge loss if I can't make this work. Thanks!
  17. The site changed the URL. If you google it, it goes to https://www.romerogames.ie/sigil , but now is https://www.romerogames.ie/si6il And it seems that they updated it yesterday announcing that Sigil is shipping!
  18. It seems LRG has updated once and for all the official website to reflect they are shipping Sigil. https://archive.fo/zzCS9 https://archive.fo/1ihjT It has been renamed. si6il instead of sigil. https://www.romerogames.ie/si6il/
  19. linuxfree1

    How can create a Script Health regen?

    I try run your .pk4 but give error in doom_main.script in line of thread stradexRegenMain(); // Erro Unknown value stra
  20. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    No, the one where Buffalo Bill tucks his junk between his legs.
  21. tempdecal.wad

    How many classic Doom players are there today?

    If we exclude inactive users it's 100? 50? Nah that's being too generous, most of them don't even play the games anymore.
  22. Sigil page on romerogames is down. I wonder if they're working on an update as I speak...
  23. Maximum Matt


  24. There's a couple of maps that would need extensive visual edits and trimdowns to ever fit in vanilla -- several scenes are way over (John loves those hellcracks), so it's really best to think of it as a limit-removing wad and leave it at that. With apologies for the rainclouding.
  25. Has anyone managed to get this working on their android device, using android GZDOOM? It's something I want to try, but looking for success stories beforehand.
  26. Just a little heads up for people in Europe.. I live in Finland. I've bought two different items from Limited Run Games in the past. And both times it took pretty much exactly 3 weeks for the items to arrive after the shipping confirmation. Now this is only two times, so it might not be as long on this one. Usually it takes little more than 1 week for stuff to arrive from US. I haven't got the shipping confirmation for this yet, so I'm definitely waiting for the free wad first! The quality of the items has been great! Very happy with them. Also first playthrough gzdoom! No extra mods.
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