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  2. Empyre

    So, I started to use GZDB..

    I have a map with 6 different skies because you are visiting other worlds. One of them is using plain F_SKY1, four of them are using Static_Init, and the other one is using SpyViewpoint and SkyPicker.
  3. Namco-Bandai are notorious for that. IIRC, they were releasing games at slightly lower prices to get people to essentially buy a demo then locked most of the game away behind DLC packs. They did it to keep making money even when the games were traded or bought second-hand.
  4. kb1

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Ah, interesting. Among other things, I guess that gives you uniform lighting for all types of flats, huh? Well, I just found out something new about k8vavoom!
  5. tmorrow

    Verdant Citadel

    This map just keeps getting better. More secrets and a return path and lift at the end are great additions. In vercit_test5 note the walk over line that lowers sector 3906 and leads to one of the new secrets also produces a HOM effect.
  6. CyberDreams

    First Doom fan site(s) you ever found?

    Same. I didn't start using a computer at home until about '99 or so but i was still fairly young then (9 yrs old) and couldn't really play violent games (although i had some on console so it made no sense). My family had gotten an old PC from my uncle, i think it was a Pentium (a Hewlett Packard w/Win 95). After a couple of years with that PC, my parents bought a new PC: a brand spankin' new Gateway w/Pentium 4 and it came with...Windows ME. It seemed to work fine for me though as i used it to play Midtown Madness and the first Sims game a lot, as well as a few others but i don't remember playing Doom on PC until a little after the Doom 3 era so i'm sure Doomworld was my first site. That's so cool! My dad was working a lot and really had no technical knowledge about PC's & my mom stayed at home to take care of my sister and i (kinda old fashioned) so my family didn't have a PC until the later 90's. Also i found that Toasty Tech website a few years ago randomly. It's pretty neat. I dig how it still looks "retro".
  7. Gunstar Green

    First Doom fan site(s) you ever found?

    Wow that was a trip down memory lane. The Internet was such a different beast back then. I remember going to the school computer lab and loading up floppies with whatever wads I could get my hands on because I didn't have the Internet at home until around '98.
  8. StoneMason

    First Doom fan site(s) you ever found?

    Yeah, I remember using MJ Doom Page when I was 6-8 years old. How I found Icarus and Memento Mori as my first megawads, and all those old school TCs.
  9. Bizznet

    Favorite Cartoons or Piece of Animation

    I watch old seasons of the Simpsons and laugh my ass off. Recently, been watching Big Mouth. My parents worked in animation in the 80s and 90s and worked on a ton of (mostly kids) cartoons. Babar, The Raccoons, Rupert, Spicy City, etc.
  10. Today
  11. Immorpher

    Community Chest 64 EX release thread

    Maybe this is the case for the blue key in Map 7? I think there is supposed to be a platform that lowers so I can jump into the blue key area, but it doesn't seem to be working for me yet. I don't know if it is tied to the cyberdemon I seen in there. I lasered it a few times, it vanished, then I went to a teleporter and telefragged it somehow.
  12. You've been a lot of help. Thanks. I'll try not to ask anymore.:)
  13. Bizznet

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I just started Yakuza 0 this weekend too and really loving it. The music is really good and makes the game even better.
  14. ketmar

    Tips for making my first Map

    just do it! and give it to us. we will tear it apart anyway. ;-) otherwise -- just make something you will like to play. many 1994-style maps with little details and simple architecture are still fun to play, for example. just build a basic layout, place some monsters and check if it makes some interesting fights. even dull rectangular room can be made interesting to fight in, if you will, for example, put some pillars with chaingunners there, add some stairs leading to health that will open some monster closets, and so on. play the maps you like, see how authors made interesting fights, and don't be afraid to steal the things you like. ;-) it is ok if your first maps will resemble other maps you like. also, don't be afraid of making "abstract" maps, the only rule in the book says: "if it is fun, it is good!" that is, even if nobody in their sane mind will build something like your map in real life, it doesn't matter -- as long as it is fun to play. so if you don't know how your map should go next, you may try to build a totally disconnected map section, and then connect it to already built ones with some hallways, and even with more rooms. the result may not be an architectural masterpiece, but you can always overdetail it later. ;-)
  15. GarrettChan

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    @Andy Olivera This one is missed. Congrats on the milestones, and thanks a lot for the efforts. Cheers. NoYe Map04 UV Pacifist in 0:05 ny04p005.zip
  16. There you go @Devalaous Hmmm, if you know more maps from him, don't hesitate to make them. I think you know more of that stuff than us. It doesn't matter how many Master Levels maps could be.
  17. ketmar

    What engine should I target?

    actually, 3d floors and slopes are possible in zdoom-in-hexen. slopes are done by placing special things inside sectors, and 3d floors are done by sector tags and line specials. yet UDMF is required to use zdoom-specific things -- like DooM64-style lighting, custom glowing flats, etc.
  18. Bob9001

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    Map 21 UV-Max in 13:20 evit21-1320.zip
  19. D4RKP1G

    The new SSG...?

    Why is H-Doom so hated?, i don't get all this hate, I mean I get the idea of sexualizing one of the best games on the gaming history, but it's nonsense to me but speaking of the SSG, Eriance just fucked up an amazing weapon, the old SSG is way better than this recent one
  20. ketmar

    Things about Doom you just found out

    actually, i had to specifically skip base floor and ceiling checks in k8vavoom LOS tracing, because internally there is no difference between "base" sector flats and 3d floor flats. that's how i noticed the thing in the first place. ;-) anyway, this ship was sailed: we have to do what [g]zdoom does, or get broken maps.
  21. lirui1001

    SlaughterMAX. RC2 available!

    @mArt1And00m3r11339 Found that I have to wait for almost 8 mins after killing all enemies...
  22. GamingMarine

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just released the first version of FreeDoom Delta, a mod that uses the oldest FreeDoom assets available. Here's some screenshots of the mod.
  23. AL-97

    Verdant Citadel

    I'm really sorry, but it is still impossible to trigger the Medkit and Blue Armour secrets in the Red Key room.
  24. Scotty

    Tips for making my first Map

    Think of some of your favourite maps. Then open them up in the editor and study the shit out of them, to try and understand key factors they possess, like the how you progress through the map, how different areas within the map interact with each other, the playing space offered, and how enemies are presented to you whilst you are playing. Studying other maps is your absolute best way to learn new things early on. Perhaps pick like 5 maps you really love, this should give you quite a good baseline. Understand how large playing spaces and architecture are in terms of map units, this will help you greatly in scaling your map the way you want to. Try to have a clear objective of what you want the map to be rather than trying to throw in absolutely every single idea you have (a common theme in newer mappers' works). You can easily spread ideas out over a number of maps. My best outright advice is that no map will ever be perfect no matter how hard you try, and that is fine. The more maps you make the better you will get at making them because you will be able to understand your influences more clearly with time.
  25. pcorf

    1000 Line Community Project - Released

    Really good project. Glad it was completed and I was happy to contribute. The music in MAP20 is awesome.
  26. Scotty

    What engine should I target?

    I think you kind of answered your own question there. Just map for whatever you enjoy, it'll produce the most inspired results. Out of the two you have expressed interest in, limit removing is certainly far, far more forgiving and easy to work with as you don't have to be as careful with the scope of the spaces you are creating. The power to rotate flats and stuff is nice i guess, but certainly easy enough to work around without overly compromising visuals and so on. A lot of the biggest community megawad releases in recent years are in boom format, incidentally. Think the likes of Sunlust, Ancient Aliens, Eviternity. I personally think this is because boom format allows you a myriad of options and trickery while still retaining a lot of base feeling that resonates with the original vanilla style Doom gameplay. That said, mapping format does not determine quality, and people will always appreciate quality regardless of map format.
  27. Ah damn it, I wanted to do at least one Dr. Sleep map.
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