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  2. Finally decided to release this. Renamed from Lost Village to NeoStoic in honour of an old HLDM friend who died New screenshot: File: neostoic.zip Also at https://jmtd.net/doom/#index2h2 Presently in INCOMING Thanks @elend for the sky Feels good to release this after 20 years
  3. Misty


    Sounds like this map, skip a bit to see it: Unless there are more maps with green cubes from other authors I'm not aware of.
  4. geo

    Good Movie Soundtracks

    It's so tough to even remember good soundtracks. I own a lot on CD, but music streaming services just don't have them for me to remember they exist. Some soundtracks on streaming sites will have like 3 out of 20 songs. - Mortal Kombat - The Matrix Reloaded - Natural Born Killers - Lost Highway - House of 1,000 Corpses Memorable film soundtracks aren't a dead art, it's like video game music, designed to fit into the background while people are talking.
  5. NaturalTvventy

    Stifled Man Casino - new map

    Fixed! Sorry 'bout that :)
  6. Here is a random run of I_G's map.
  7. theDia

    Skyboxes can't find any

    Interesting - just when I start fumbling around with skys for the first time in 20+ years of mapping such a thread appears. I love Doomworld. :)
  8. I don't like lost souls, but I love to use them in my maps in swarms (hype for some my maps in incoming CzechBox project). Maybe they should be little bit less durable. BTW I think PRBoom doesn't even count lost souls as monsters. :)
  9. First Crusade


    Hi guys, I'm looking for a specific wad that I played a while ago and the only thing I remember about it ( except from being awsome ) is one level; I remember that you enter a BIG GREEN CUBE and the most part of the level is placed inside it. Whole level is greenish and I think it was in another dimension or something... I can't remember anything alse, I hope someone can help me to find this wad. Thank You, Best Regards.
  10. eulo

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    "Refueling Base" is such a weird title. That map has no coherent looks, it's not a relatable place in any way, and there is no such thing as "refueling base" found there. While these titles appear regularly in Doom I (yeah, even episode 1's samey levels had those names), Doom II steered clear of this, except this Shores of Hell type leftover by Tom Hall.
  11. Magicana

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Whispers of Satan

    I'm not playing through WOS because I played it not that long ago, but coming through just to dump this screenshot. I don't know why I find it so funny, but there you go.
  12. Da Werecat

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Unless we're talking about TAS, this would require so much skill and precision that it would be a worthy accomplishment in its own right.
  13. Today
  14. XIII

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Reposting again, and tweaked for a bit more clarity: So I'm trying to find a WAD I played around a year ago on a Zandronum server, and I think no mods were used. The mappack in question might have been a slaughterwad, judging from the one level I played and never beat. Now, the map itself, I remember neither its name nor its number (though it might have been MAP09, I could be very wrong here) but what I do remember is that it was... very gray. Gray textures everywhere, except for the skybox and actors. You start off in a small square room which leads to a large outside courtyard-like area littered with cacodemons, with a bunch of revenants crowding atop some pillars. Beyond lies a long rampart that stretches along the length of the courtyard, with a partition in the center. There were two elevators on either end of the rampart, each leading up a corridor full of imps, and some archviles at the end. Both corridors go along the length of the rampart towards the center, where lies a switch on each end. I never got to hit those switches, so I don't know what they do and how the level progresses further.
  15. If there's an easy access, I couldn't find it. I see the red key in a tower and the whole area is surrounded by red key doors, so the only way is via the teleporter?
  16. Mordeth

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    Always love to see peeps playing, watching which routes they take. Even if it's a speedrun and they'll run past 95% of the map ;) Saw you struggling with that red key in map03, and I'm left wondering why you insisted on tackling the more difficult approach instead of taking the easy access route?
  17. DynamiteKaitorn

    Doom's charm...

    I grew up roughly around the 6th to 8th generation of consoles but I've always had an eye for older PC games, and DooM was no exception. I think the biggest reason I love DooM/DooM 2 so much is A: how easy it is to mod; B: How well it holds up, even nowadays; C: The fact that none of the guns feel worthless. Even the pistol has its uses. D: Very memorable music and E: The game is quite rewarding if you went out of your way to find secrets but never punished you greatly for skipping them. (though there ARE a few exceptions).
  18. TheOrganGrinder

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Whispers of Satan

    MAP17: Mines of Despair This map does its best to get away from accusations of symmetry and orthogonality through the use of cavern environments, with a generally upward trend in its progression that has the player clawing their way out of some Stygian pit and escaping toward feeble sunlight and questionably fresh air. The theme's a classic one, and well enough realised in those parts of the map where it's allowed to take centre stage, but it's undermined (no pun intended!) a little bit by the fact that it's crowded out in terms of both running time and real estate by other areas (a slime reservoir, a library, even the office where the player starts out) that don't seem to have anything to do with that theme, to the point that it feels less like a mine or cavern complex with other structures embedded in its fabric, and more like those other structures were built first and the titular mines are more like connective tissue put into place later to stitch the whole thing together. There's a neat sense of ever-present dread that arises from the fact that right of the start of the map something in front of you is instantly teleported out of sight; maybe you know (or can guess) what it is, but what you can't predict is when it's going to pop up again and re-enter play, though as it turns out it wats until the very last moment to put in its appearance.
  19. Magicana

    Stifled Man Casino - new map

    Well, there are definitely no revenants. Played through with one death (Resurrected myself because I couldn't go through the ordeal again). Without opening Doom Builder, I presume there is a trapped awake Pain Elemental, slowly filling the main arena with lost souls. For someone who gets lost as often as I do, this quickly became a nightmare. l;l
  20. DynamiteKaitorn

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Consider this my official submission: MAP - PlasmaLab.wad [MAP27] MUSIC MIDI - whatever MAP27 usually uses FILE - http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ecp57zew5e81i0/Plasma_Lab.zip/file CREDITS - ID software, Me, whoever made the textures and Bethesda. Screensies:
  21. tempdecal.wad

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Replaying Prey (2017) Playing some hl vault and comp maps Gmod TTT
  22. DooM_RO

    New Screenshot (Carcass)

    They're probably dead demons/people that otherwise too damaged to be useful so they gave them those weird tripod legs.
  23. Maximum Matt

    why people hate [doom/2] monsters so much?

    This motherfucker this
  24. And imp/baron fireballs don't generally bunch up in one massive super-comet of death that keeps following you around. Fun when it's exploitable vs other monsters, not so much when you cannot avoid it, and DEFINITIVELY not fun in coop when you run head-on on a "comet" intended for another player.
  25. Thanks for that link - I've downloaded it and had a good look through the accompanying text file. Interesting stuff. I'll be sure to make use of it in place of ZenNode as you've suggested.
  26. 80 damage out of a notional 133 health is still a lot. Hell, even 80 damage out of the maximum of 400 is still a full fifth. In hordes, or places with tight manoeuvrability, you can't take many Revenant rockets before it's a major issue.
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