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  2. pulkmees

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - RC2

    Playing on UV pistol start. Ran out of ammo in E1M8 when dealing with the last wave of enemies. I know I could have run to the exit, but I was going for 100%. Even used infighting in the previous wave. Adding a backpack would help or just more rockets. The whole map is also a major step up from the previous maps. Although I can forgive that since it's the last map of the episode. Being stuck under cacos is not fun though.
  3. TheRedTide

    Gameplay in slow motion?

    I didn't notice anything either.
  4. ketmar

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    still cutscenes. it doesn't matter if they are skippable or not, fuck them! if i want to watch a movie, i'll do that. but when i am playing a game, let me play the game, you lazy bastards! how come Half-Life managed to NEVER get a cutscene, yet tell you a great story?! the moment a game take control out of me any immersion is ruined. thank you for reminding me that i am just watching a pile of colored pixels, that helped alot. now take your crap back, your pixels sux.
  5. Mk7_Centipede

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    Perception 9000.
  6. Grazza

    Exeunt Tim Willits

    Any particular reason you used a plural verb?
  7. SuicideBomber

    Doom's charm...

    sex and violence is why I keep playing.
  8. ketmar

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    i am still keeping rockets and cells for some Grand Final Fight instead of using 'em where appropriate. even if i know the mapset, and know that there will be more of those ammos later, so i can use what i have right now.
  9. Thanks man, i'll take note on that. I don't use GZDB (r2787 because recent versions don't work on my pc for some reason) because it makes my PC cry and recently its started to crash a lot. At least i think i can make the map-pack manualy.
  10. https://hackaday.com/2019/07/17/counter-strike-at-20-two-hackers-upend-the-gaming-industry/ The gaming industry gets all of its inspiration from the fans. DOTA comes to mind. That and DOOM Eternal looks like Brutal-DOOM-Eviternity. Cadence of Hyrule was also a fan game. Fans are in charge of a helluva big industry. Make sure you get yours!
  11. Bauul

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    I wish him every success in the future! I'll be interested to know where he ends up next.
  12. crazyflyingdonut

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    I wonder how many of the id software personnel that joined before John Romero left in 1996 that are still with id software today are left?
  13. Immorpher

    Hello, I am a newbie here

    I am a big Duke 3D fan and you have some really great work there! With Doom people often play it how they wish. Like I play it with Doom 64 mods. Here's what I have noticed in my little bubble though! Most people play Doom with WASD and mouse. Most maps don't want you to crouch and use jump, although source ports will let you. I am not a mapper myself, but what some have told me is that they typically make maps Boom compatible which lets them work with most source ports. Someone with more experience can tell me if GZ Doom Builder lets people do that. If you want to mess with dynamic lighting (since you have plenty of mapping experience) formats like UDMF for GZDoom let you add dynamic lighting. In general you will probably want to get Slade since it lets you put together and open Doom format WADs and PK3 archives. Lets you edit sprites and what not too. Since I already mentioned it, I play with GZ Doom since it is compatible with a lot of formats and has plenty of options. And is frequently updated. Since you can stack mods and wads in Doom, I use ZDL to load up the wads and GZ doom, to keep everything tidy for myself. Here are some maps and mapsets to play... Eviternity is a great mapset representing modern Doom level design aesthetics. The Slaughter Spectrum really pushes the limits of the Doom engine in terms of geometry, and is challenging for experience retro FPS fans Hurt is a gorgeous looking map which really oozes the hell feeling And if you have Discord, I can recommend some servers to you which are really helpful if you need a quicker response. I am no expert, so others my chime in with better advice and the maps they enjoy. Edit: Dragonfly has some tutorials which people have liked here: https://www.dfdoom.com/tutorials/ And Total Chaos is a TC which really pushes the GZ Doom sourceport.
  14. DynamiteKaitorn

    Hello, I am a newbie here

    Welcome to DooMworld forums! please enjoy your stay here, and enjoy browsing the different areas of the site. :) To answer your questions, here's my best answers: Q: What is the best way to play Doom? A: Depends on whether it is vanilla compat or not. Usually WASD + Mouse is fine but some people disable jumping/crouching. (usually for modern engines like GZDooM). Q: What is the best way to make maps for Doom? A: GZDooM Builder Bug Fix is the one I typically use a lot. SLAD3 if you need a WAD editor and well for the rest, just experiment! Q: What is the best way to add your own art/sound/music/etc? A: SLAD3 is my recommendation. Q: Could you tell me the best maps for Doom please? A: Alien Vendetta, Scythe/Scythe II, Eviternity, Plutonia II... there's quite a few good ones. Q: Could you tell me the best TC (afaik you call them wads) please? A: I don't know much about the TC scene D: Q: Could you link me the best tutorials for map editing/adding custom content please? A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIh3EmorY3A&amp;list=PLCE835098C82D8F24 The link above may be for an older build of DooM builder however most if not all the things Chubz teaches in that list is still possible with DooM (In DooM format). Q: Is it possible to make a game with Doom Engine (I mean with its ports)? If yes, how? A: You mean making an IWAD? O_O Yeah it's possible but it takes a lotta work. Are there any tutorials about adding your own monsters/guns, changing HUD, adding cut-scenes etc? A: Custom Monsters - https://zdoom.org/wiki/Creating_new_monsters_or_other_complex_items Custom Guns - https://zdoom.org/wiki/Creating_new_weapons HUD stoof - https://zdoom.org/wiki/Head-up_display + https://zdoom.org/wiki/SBARINFO<--- the HUD one may take you on a slight journey, there's quite a few steps to it. Cuscenes can be handled inside GZDooM just by using a mix of camera things, scripts and interpolation points. Also since you're new and you may need help learning DooM mapping, allow me to bless you with the holy builders bible: https://zdoom.org/wiki/
  15. Misty

    Hello, I am a newbie here

    1. Depending on features you want like 3d floors, slopes, portals or coloured lights you can jump into gzdoom, but if you want something more traditional-try prboom+, for true vanilla feels use chocolate doom or crispy doom. Middle ground between gzdoom and prboom+ is eternity engine - it supports portals and slopes(only for visuals for this day). 2. People use gzdoom builder-bugfix or doom builder x, they get updates quite frequently. 3.You need Slade 3 for textures, music, sound import and anything else what needs imported or written. It also has mapping editor, but I don't recommend use, unless you work on linux or there any other limitations. 4. People mostly recommend look up to cacoward page for good content. Well, gzdoom engine is open source so you can use it freely for your own games. For that you would need go to zdoom wiki and forums. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&amp;t=56132 Sorry, for some questions I'm not able to answer, so I hope other people will fill gaps better than me.
  16. amdcrash

    Eternity 3.42 ignoring .deh files

    I have been using a older version of eternity so I can use autodoom and this is fine and well, but I want to play chex quest using it, chex quest is fine, no graphics problems (aside from some graphics that are wrong) however enemy’s drop ammo and weapons and I want to stop this. The only way is to use a .deh file that’s on the Id games archive so I want to load it in, however, the deh file is ignored and they still drop ammo, I have tried using the in game menu, the config file and the wad config file but it ignores the deh file. I have also tried putting it inside the wad. I have exhausted all possible options that I know of. I want to use autodoom but it only works with 3.42 and would prefer to not upgrade if possible. Is there some sort of menu option to disable enemy drops?
  17. Still got about 3 weeks summer holiday left. Should I do some game stuff? Most of the holiday so far has gone into being depressed on a sofa, don't want the rest of the summer go like that.


    Don't know what I want to do to my game. Maybe I need to think & write some plan. Right now the current state of it feels like it's a completely directionless mess. Going out for a run to do that thinking stuff.

  18. riderr3

    Fury's Sky - Action-Flight IWAD for GZDoom

    I'm glad to see such unique projects in the community. Keep it up. It also reminds me a bit of Warhawk and Colony Wars.
  19. DynamiteKaitorn

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Arch vial? Not Arch-Vile but arch-vial? XD
  20. GhostPlayer

    [Completed] BaphometWorldMix - Hard Levels

    Thanks for notifying :D I tried the wad in the other wad, and when everything works when the whole map passes, do not pass the decorates >.<
  21. SaladBadger

    Revenant Punch-Out

    you might enjoy this thread
  22. qdash

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    Huh, I hope it brings some life in Quake series.
  23. brullov

    Hello, I am a newbie here

    Hello! I am Artem Brullov, one of the Duke Nukem 3D fans, I am a level designer for Build Engine and professional pixel artist. I'd like to join Doom's community today and I need your help, folks :) What is the best way to play Doom? (with wasd and mouse look, for Duke Nukem 3D is Eduke32 port); What is the best way to make maps for Doom? What is the best way to add your own art/sound/music/etc? Could you tell me the best maps for Doom please? Could you tell me the best TC (afaik you call them wads) please? Could you link me the best tutorials for map editing/adding custom content please? I know that some questions can sound a bit silly, but I'm curious so much and I'd like to get the most honest answer: Is it possible to make a game with Doom Engine (I mean with its ports)? If yes, how? Are there any tutorials about adding your own monsters/guns, changing HUD, adding cut-scenes etc? Sorry, if I posted in the wrong forum part, I will investigate this community shortly. I have asked a lot of questions here, but said only a few words about myself. I work as pixel artist (Blasphemous, Iron Oath, Stoneshard). Sometimes I spend my free time with my favorite game - Duke Nukem 3D. Unfortunately, I am a huge perfectionist, thats why I have got only one "not bad" release for this game. Duke Nukem 3D Xmas 2014, a single player mod with Christmas theme inside. I used to work on Ion Maiden Fury too. Check out screenshots of my projects here, a lot of unfinished stuff: Back in 2016 I was making a sci fi map for Duke: USSR theme map: Part of my level design for Ion Fury: My Duke Nukem 3D E1L5 remake: And some of my Duke Nukem 3D user maps screenshots: And as I told you, I am a pixel artist, here is some of my old personal artworks (today I don't have enough time to paint for myself): Here is my twitter for more stuff, if you are interested: click Best regards, Brullov
  24. Today
  25. Hofmann

    Gameplay in slow motion?

    I think I read somewhere that there are places with Moon gravity, so maybe that is why it appears to be as if it is in slow motion.
  26. NuMetalManiak


    those who are aware of ZPack know that the most amazing levels in the megawad come straight from Vader, which include the two maps here along with Blackrock (which sadly wasn't a standalone release). Thunderpeak nails the grim atmosphere, a derelict powerplant with demons running in the dark, and while the place seems quite complex, in reality things aren't entirely so bad. the place is designed well, there's vents to crawl through and enemies to take down in each area. progression is decent enough as well. the second level has an appropriate boss fight, but the prelude before it works alright as well. it's not actually that tough, but it's sure a memorable experience, and this being a standalone release makes it much better than just IDCLEVing to this mapslot in ZPack. not that all of ZPack sans Vader is bad though. this is just the best of the bunch.
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