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  2. boris

    So, I started to use GZDB..

    Make sure to not use tags (i.e. use tag 0), otherwise the action will behave like a switch. In the ZDoom family, when you use tag 0 the action will always be applied to the sector on the back of the side.
  3. DoctorFrickinRetro

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing early custom wads, any recommendations are welcomed.
  4. DoctorFrickinRetro

    Do you speak Spanish?

    Si seƱor yo soy de rancho
  5. Rhebiz

    New guy on the block

  6. Today
  7. ReaperAA

    What are you playing now?

    Try Hurt: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/105598-hurt-singleplayer-map-in-hell/
  8. TheNoob_Gamer

    The gaming market has been flooded with crappy "retro" consoles.

    Oh, I'm a casual when it comes to controllers, so in my opinion, N64 sucks simply because the buttons and the layout feel weird. But it is subjective though, I tend to speak/write retarded stuffs when I'm not feeling normal.
  9. Graf Zahl

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    I already started on defining a combined namespace, but for some reason this got never picked up so it went dormant again, but considering the rather large cross-section of common features between Eternity and ZDoom it really makes sense to properly define one. Having something more feature-rich than Boom/MBF that can be played both with a demo compatible engine and with an advanced hardware renderer could be a large boost to making more advanced map sets (which I'd really like to see, actually!) Of course one other thing that might need unification then is actor definitions. Having to do these twice is not really the best thing for this kind of map set. (If push came to shove I'd have to see how to parse EDF actor definitions to have something in common there... ;) )
  10. Caffeine Freak

    The gaming market has been flooded with crappy "retro" consoles.

    What? What is this blasphemy?
  11. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    For me that would be the result of Doom + The Maze from The Maze Runner, surely those structures reminds me of that:
  12. Glaice

    GREZZODUE 2 has been revealed to the public.

    That dude in the washing machine...someone's been watching Gaki No Tsukai or clips from it..
  13. seed

    What are you playing now?

    Finished Rush yesterday and now I'm looking for more stuff to play. Probably going to check Phobos The Doomed Moon next.
  14. inkoalawetrust

    GZDoom won't play custom WADs

    @Edward850Sorry for not responding for so long, the forum wouldn't let me post anything else yesterday. I tried what you told me and i can load most levels most of the time now.
  15. new level whatever https://www.dropbox.com/s/gpope1e49vxtavi/dredpain.wad?dl=0
  16. Maximum Matt

    New guy on the block

    As long as you ain't Donnie Wahlberg you're cool with me
  17. Archanhell

    So, I started to use GZDB..

    Well I have my Doors always set as Door Raise (Door Generic if they are locked) Yet they can't be closed by the player, they automatically close after the time the close delay was set to, which is weird? Other little problem I have had since the beginning is when say, a sector is a times bigger than the default (128 tall) and then doors or anything else breaks so it's unusable (had to use 2 32x128 sectors just to make a door lol), so making stairs and second floors is way harder with that. But it's okay, I'll try to keep this the simplest I can for now, focusing more on the gameplay and on a bit of detail, maybe non-linear mapping and such lol
  18. Forgive me but aren't Oblige maps just huge clusters of prefabs slapped together? Look for the various prefabs Oblige maps are built out of, especially recurring instances of them and bam, you've proven it's an Oblige map, even if it's been copypasted into another wad to remove the header data and whatever else. A laymen could probably still figure it out somewhat easily, nonsensical item and monster placement that recurs multiple times in the same pattern throughout the map would be a dead giveaway, even more blatant if there are several maps back to back.
  19. Honestly I don't like new pixel art games as the art techniques they use tend to be more pixelated looking than say official VGA pixel art games from Sierra or Lucasarts. It's hard for me to explain what I mean exactly though.
  20. Benjogami

    Long Road, No Turns. a 21K monster map. [RC2]

    Wow, nice! I've been really busy, but I'll definitely watch when I have a chance.
  21. Well I did mention "but some of them did get remakes and remasters". I originally thought it was unfair to mark a remake or remaster as a new game but I guess maybe I shouldn't have assumed that the remake of RE2 was more like the original with a new coat of paint and fixed up game mechanics like other remasters or remakes of games usually do. Well he mentioned the new versions of games such as Doom with Doom 4 so when he said the original game names for the others it threw me off and I thought that he actually meant the older games.
  22. Magicana

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Avactor & Deadly Standards

    MAP09 - Overflooded with Ideas I remember loading up this map, seeing 1286 monsters, and just going "Holy shit". This is an absolutely sprawling map. It is big. I got lost, a lot. There are giant statues which I like to think are of Harambe. Lots of incidental combat, lots of set pieces. I absolutely loved that bridge that you slowly unlock. There was even a secret which told me I was good at hide and seek. Fantastic map. MAP10 - Critical Crossing This map turned the difficulty up to 11. I really struggled with a lot of this map. It's a key hunt (All six) with a real bite to it. It's the only map I did under par, mostly because I was racing trying to survive.
  23. Grazza

    New guy on the block

    I am interested to hear your opinions on ball shit snakes, which are very important in this community, especially to those who pook.
  24. TheNoob_Gamer

    The gaming market has been flooded with crappy "retro" consoles.

    Oh, f**k no, indie gaming industry are mostly about "pixel-art roguelites", "retro throwbacks", "early access" at this point. (Despite that, some of them really stand out.) But then again, most of the AAA singleplayer games now are basically interactive movies.
  25. fraggle

    The Moral Question Of Brutal Doom

    Let's not dig this whole flamewar up again. The accusations about Sgt. Mark are well known at this stage and there's nothing to gain from going over them again. If you feel like that puts you in a moral dilemma then I suggest you don't play his mods.
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