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  2. kb1

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's true that in vanilla, the 2D LOS calcs can get goofy on steep platform differences. But usually, the 2D LOS works pretty good in infinitely-tall, non 3D floor vanilla. In the case you describe, the chaingunner still must have a line-of-sight to the player (ignoring Z, of course). But with a large 3D floor, it starts to look very silly, when it's obvious that there's no way that chaingunner can see you, yet he keeps firing away. Put it this way: It just felt very wrong to me. I always liked how the monsters had to look around the corner, and see me, before they started firing. In vanilla Doom, this is usually how it works, except for a few steep ledge cases. But, as soon as I started to get stacked things, non-infinitely-tall things, and 3D floors working, it felt wrong quite often when 3D floors were involved. I didn't want to change the occasional "steep-ledge shooting" as you described above. I just wanted to avoid the chaingunner shooting constantly at the 3D floor, when it was totally obvious that he shouldn't be able to see me. Instead, I wanted him to pursue me, not stand in one spot shooting like a dummy :) It is a bit slower to do 3D checks (especially stacked things on platforms), but it's not too bad if you've already got stacked things and non-infinitely-tall things working. You almost need those things for 3D floor support anyway. You just have to detect 3D floors when a trace intercepts a 3D floor sector, and bound-check the Z coordinate. I guess it's a matter of personal taste.
  3. -TDRR-

    What engine should I target?

    Try targeting ZDoom-in-Hexen so you get quite a lot of power while still keeping compatibility with a bunch of engines (GZDoom, ZDoom, Zandronum, ZDaemon, Odamex, k8Vavoom and even Skulltag if you REALLY want) UDMF can have even more crazy stuff (Want to have fun with portals and 3D floors? Go ahead!) althrough it does remove ZDaemon and Odamex as available ports, but IMO it's worth the tradeoff if you want more verticality.
  4. I wanted a full remake of the Episode 1 maps but with different thing placement to account for Prodeus balancing and gameplay.
  5. Still playing Yakuza 0, but also playing through more Doom stuff that I've missed. I finished Eviternity, Lunar Catastrophe, Deathless and Golden Souls 1, now I'm playing Golden Souls 2. It's been an embarrassment of riches whenever I catch up on what the community has created. I don't personally know anyone IRL that still plays the classic Dooms as I do but I'll always preach the community's contributions as the main reason why these are still some of my all-time favorite games.
  6. kb1

    What engine should I target?

    Pretty harsh for a joke... @foul_owl In most cases, you can see the set of source ports as a hierarchy, whereas the more complex source ports offer a superset of features of other ports. For example, most every port will play a vanilla map. The next step up might be Boom maps, which are supported by many ports. At the other end of the spectrum, some map features only work in the most complex ports. Because of this, I recommend using the most-vanilla-like port that supports all of the features you want in your map, which might broaden the number of ports your map will work on. But, in my opinion, design is first. Make your map using the features that you want. If you can get everything you want in a vanilla map, so be it. But, if not, that's ok too. Nowadays, you can build just about anything you want. And, while it's important to know the various limitations, you should be the one in charge of how your map plays, not the map format, and not the port. Build the map how you envision it, using the most conservative format that will get the job done. There are some good responses in this thread that explain some of those limitations. Please check the Doom Wiki to help understand the limits and capabilities of each format. One idea is that you could release a "compatible" version and an "extended" version of your map, if you wanted to broaden play-ability, though this is, of course, more work. Some people claim that using a restrictive format helps creativity, by placing bounds around the number of possibilities. Other mappers enjoy working with a wide-open palette of choices. A final tip: Upgrading to a more-capable format is much easier than downgrading to a more restrictive format, because there can be data loss when downgrading. So, starting out vanilla, and upgrading as needed give you a chance at wider support, and can avoid some ugly cleanup procedures you might face while downgrading.
  7. Doomkid

    First Doom fan site(s) you ever found?

    My dad was an early adopter of the internet and as a young kid I benefited from that. Some of the sites I remember visiting as a child in the late 90’s: http://web.archive.org/web/19990117030301/http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/8173/DooM.htm http://web.archive.org/web/19981205183628/http://mars.execulink.com/~ielapi/doom2.htm https://web.archive.org/web/20060220072254/http://www.linux.sh/doom.shtml (Linux.sh only went down about a year ago, lasted quite a while..) http://web.archive.org/web/20090314170249/http://olddoom.com/home (this one was up til about 2014) http://w3.teaser.fr/~amajorel/yadex/ (the Yadex site only just went down within the last 6 months or so, use the way back machine to see it. I remember browsing this and it leading me to toasty tech!) www.toastytech.com - where I really started to get fascinated by the Doom alphas. http://web.archive.org/web/19961231224338/ (this was the WadAuthor site, the first editor I truly understood and made proper maps with) http://web.archive.org/web/20040405201409/http://www.codeimp.com/connector_info.php (my introduction to playing cooperative and deathmatch online, which I still do to this day using Doom Explorer) Before I started mapping, there was this animated Doom gif website, at the top it said “Grab the shotgun and frag ‘em all!”. I’d use images of the monsters to represent them in maps I designed in MS paint. It was the top result when you searched “Doom gif” for many years. Now I can’t find the site, I’d love to have it archived..
  8. eddyk3

    Help with SNDINFO and custom door sound.

    Thank you. I had a sound sequence before but it still wasn't working. Turns out I was being really stupid. I needed to have the sequence name in animdefs not the sound name.
  9. NableTable

    anyone up to a H-Freedoom

    I'm really wondering if anyone's up to a H-FreeDoom?
  10. DenisNinja

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Oh my Gosh Doom guy Demi-God, Zanieon you are the best !, wonderful !
  11. SilverHawaiin

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    Oh yea I got my map still in the works lmao, I wanted to do episode 2? I think I nailed the TNT aesthetic pretty well.
  12. PeterMoro

    New single level wad: Phobos Abandoned Outpost

    Thanks for playing John. Hope you liked it!
  13. Forli

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I've not posted anything for a while so...
  14. Today
  15. StoneFrog

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Love the sky in that picture Breezeep.
  16. StoneFrog

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm playing Blood. I think it's my favorite Build engine game, I can't believe a game where half the arsenal is for setting enemies on fire/blowing them up feels so perfectly balanced.
  17. After about 5 months, here's another one. Don't call it a comeback. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bT3IctD3CD1MaWfI2n-YiOGXVT1g4DJ-/view?usp=sharing I'm not sure if it starts to fall out of sync or if I'm just reacting slowly because I'm tired. And slow.
  18. Ok I'll make a decent PSX implementation of it. P.S. Maybe it needs more readable name which will symbolize both the theme, the idea and somewhat original name. I'll think about it if needed. Also the extra ML map roster is from pretty decent ones (other maps are too heavy or too plain). Glad we will receive more maps for beta3. P.P.S. @Erick194 I think the first post is also needs to be updated, it's probably outdated. With info about extra ML maps along with extramap.wad, because I don't know what format it needs: Doom or Final Doom. I'll use Doom format just in case, the map should work in FD without problems.
  19. Egg Boy

    Fun Map for Cool People (Boom Speed-map)

    playing it without infinite height kind of makes it a cake walk since you can walk on the revenants heads, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway! Thank you so much for playing.
  20. Mmm, that extramap.wad caught my attention, I know it is incomplete but who is encouraged to give life to that map, if they do I will include it. I have also accepted maps sent to me by mr-around, which I plan to include in beta 3, these are: Christen Klie - D-M-Z Christen Klie - Enemy Inside, the Christen Klie - Hive, the John Anderson - Crossing Acheron John Anderson - Dante's Gate Sverre Kvernmo - Bloodflood Sverre Kvernmo - Derelict Station
  21. Mk7_Centipede

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    the bald doomguy? I feel like I could spot doomkid at woodstock ;)
  22. Avoozl

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I wish Outlaws would get a source port even if it's reverse engineered.
  23. dac

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Avactor & Deadly Standards

    MAP 10 – Critical Crossing Final island! Difficulty takes a sharp hike here, although I’m not sure if it’s really that or just me deciding not to deal with the cyberdemon on the ship. The optional quest of finding all six keys, embarking on the ship and being whisked away straight into the battle in the distance resumes Avactor well enough. You could play it straight and enjoy a fine adventure, or pay close attention and really enjoy the ride through all the intricate secrets. Not that the beaten path isn’t good on its own, just that this is a mapset perfect for 100% runs more than any% runs. MAP 11 – The Final Theory It’s been a while since I had a good Icon of Sin fight in Doom, so this end is most welcome, and the most hellish environment of the set. Even if t most of the fights were ended by BFG – everything to end fights quickly and not be overrun by the monster hordes. I admit I panicked a little bit once I nabbed all the keys and wondered where to go. Back to the gates, it seems. MAP 12 – Back to the Surface The End. We have escaped hell, and we take the final boat out of here into somewhere. A plain outro map, with not much to say about it other than a few backpacks to collect. POST MORTEM That was exhausting, in a good way. I’m not sure I could take an entire 32 maps of sprawling islands adventures lasting more than an hour, but a dozen maps is just fine. FAVOURITE MAPS Map 05 – Calculating Under Pressure The maps generally got better over the mapset, but this multiple arena fight was the first highlight. Map 06 – Mount of Steel A change of environment most welcome, and a good adventure overall. Map 09 – Overflooded with Ideas Best map of the set, a grand adventure that is true to its name. --- Alright, time for a small break, then it's time for Deadly Standards! Hopefully the thread will move faster and the mapset will be more brisk.
  24. Those are interesting findings but sadly we aren't able to test it with other computers :( This could be the reason...maybe, I hope so. The idea of adding the new features on the official GZDoom line was just adding the new stuff my brother programmed (gradiant lighting, PSXDoom bright, mirror texture and so on...I don't know them well) not adding PSXDoom and Doom64 games a la Harmony and other wads. The true reason is the disinterest comes from an old argument when Erick showed GZDoom was able to run Doom64 lighting system. an idea very far for other developers... Also GEC has been cause of hate, there are many that try to ignore us... It's better to bury this old situation...
  25. Archanhell

    So, I started to use GZDB..

    Hmm I think I understand, I may try once I get back to work, thanks
  26. Misty

    So, I started to use GZDB..

    I mean, you need mark sector, open window and choose sky 2(mapinfo) where sector effects are(damaging floors, secret, ect). Sorry that I didn't explain correctly.
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