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  2. Graf Zahl

    Do you take less damage in GZDoom vs. PRBoom+ ?

    It doesn't make such a change. If some enemy hitbox is different that's a bug.
  3. Apart from compatibility settings (and even then, they depend on what you're playing. Don't play wads with incorrect compat levels), I don't think there's other ways to make it behave more like vanilla. It's not a conservative/accurate port after all. I completely forgot about that part since RC2 came out, but playing without infinitely tall actors it will almost trivialize the difficulty of some of the later maps.
  4. This is not the exact same weapon as the one used in LOS, but it looks and works similar enough (with a better reload animation IMO) it replaces the SSG https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/combos/qshot


    sorry, but I'm very new in this forums and social networks and also I can not go online often so I wanted to make everything very clear in my absence. besides, I had no idea that the (pitch) of the sounds was something that is at the level of the internal port of (gzdoom) and another thing is that I do not know about those (discord)
  6. Barefootstallion

    Do you take less damage in GZDoom vs. PRBoom+ ?

    I think there might be a bit more to it. In Vanilla Doom and indeed, many other ports, it was easy to get 'hung' on monsters - you're trying to run past them, but if you brush them, you get stopped. Often with deadly or at least painful consequences. Not anymore. Now you can even run you're way through a crowd of monsters. So long as there is an opening between them, of course. If not, then they still block the same as always. Otherwise, if you'll pardon the vernacular, monsters seem smoother somehow GZDoom.
  7. grouchbag

    Some screenshots of my new wad

    Great looking screenshots! Looking forward to playing it.
  8. waverider

    Do you take less damage in GZDoom vs. PRBoom+ ?

    That's kinda disappointing, especially if you're aiming to get the full intended difficulty of a map. Isn't there any way to get GZDoom to behave more like classic Doom in this regard? I was hoping I could get the same amount of damage taken from classic Doom in GZD as well. Indeed, it felt quite easy to jump over enemies with "actors are infinitely tall" disabled. Seems they changed this in Eviternity RC2, this is stated in the changelog: "By popular demand, infinite height is no longer enforced in GZDoom."
  9. riscoloco

    New single level wad: Phobos Abandoned Outpost

    Nice map good job :)
  10. Deadwing

    Sharing visual design / architecture tips

    Complex sector shapes are a pretty good way to have a simple, functional and good looking visual without even thinking much about detailing (if any). A super-detailed square room will still be a square room.
  11. JohnCook1994

    BLOOD burning death for monsters

    Tried with UTNT Flamethrower. Zombieman only died regularly.
  12. Problem is the latest GZDoom is actually 4.0.0, which debuts the Vulkan renderer and unicode font (and does NOT have a legacy version). So you'd need either a system with that, or to build it off of 3.7.2, which isn't the most recent but it's obviously close enough, and is the last version to have a vintage build.
  13. It shouldn't do modifications to the actual RNG system. That being said, GZDoom does make various modifications to the games, such as changing the hitboxes of various enemies, which could lead to running easier past monsters. It kinda does, that allows you to run under enemies (such as Cacodemons and Pain Elementals) and jump over them, which is normally not possible in vanilla and more conservative ports. You're also playing Eviternity incorrectly if you have this option disabled.
  14. Today
  15. Barefootstallion

    Do you take less damage in GZDoom vs. PRBoom+ ?

    I've found this too - the being able to 'squirm' your way through multiple monsters. Is this perhaps a feature that was added to GZDoom?
  16. Archie550

    Random Image Thread

    idk i thought this was pretty funny
  17. CyberDreams

    Random Image Thread

  18. Graf Zahl

    Do you take less damage in GZDoom vs. PRBoom+ ?

    Normally not. The random values are generally the same but as it is with different code, there is a chance that the RNG in GZDoom produces slightly different values overall.
  19. NaZa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Having fun while speedmapping, I guess that's what counts?
  20. Doom Marine

    The People's Doom Developement thread: visuals

    Yes, that's exactly what I did.
  21. Immorpher

    Prodeus Kickstarter (Finished)

    That's a wrap, the kickstarter is finished! 201% funded!
  22. riscoloco

    An adventure game fan's first DOOM WAD - "One of Those Days"

    Just finished my playthrough i liked the story between levels sewer level was my favourite pretty much killed everything on the levels apart from the back to earth level that was huge and the monsters were dotted around to far apart for me to care about killing them all but thats just me.thanks for sharing and looking forward to what you make next.
  23. CyberDreams

    What are you listening to?

    Machine Head - Burn My Eyes (1994)
  24. Jon

    The People's Doom Developement thread: visuals

    Did you mash in some of the original vanilla barrel explosion? It looks really similar.
  25. Spladam

    An adventure game fan's first DOOM WAD - "One of Those Days"

    Cool, from what Idspi posted on twitter it looks fun. I'll check it out later this week. Balancing for UV was a safe bet, as most everyone is going to try it on UV the first time.
  26. Diego Ignelzi

    Some screenshots of my new wad

    I recently started my second wad, after not mapping for 3 years. This time I'm using Doom builder 1, in configuration skull tag (Doom in hexen format) and Slade 3, these are some of the screenshots of the first map, I have thought that they are 8 in total.
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